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The situation upsets her. “It is certainly amazing to see me at the Public Sénat!” After beIN Sports and the short-lived Téléfoot channel, Anne-Laure Bonnet presents Sports, etc. on TNT channel 13 since last November, a monthly program that combines sports, society and citizenship. the team a partner. And if the pairing was surprised, the filiation is clearer than it appears.

“When this proposal was made to me, I was both very excited and confused because it is an idea I have been thinking about for a long time,” says the 44-year-old journalist. I wanted to get off the field, I’ve done that for a long time, and I wanted to see something else. But it is very difficult to get out of the sport when you want to. Indeed, because it is still what I read first when I open the newspaper. But also because my image is very specific to sports, especially soccer. You’ve heard a lot about them and it’s not easy to throw them away, to find the right project. »

“The idea is to address someone who doesn’t open the newspaper through the sports pages.”

So the opportunity came from the editorial staff at Public Sénat, anxious to prepare, with the Rugby World Cup approaching this year and the Olympics and Paralympics in France next year, a sporting event on its antenna. Launched in November 2022, at the dawn of the World Cup in Qatar, the program was first about the round ball, gradually sliding towards more diverse topics. “This is the great strength of this programme, and its host abounds. There is complete freedom in choosing what topics are covered. We do a monthly, so we have an opportunity to get perspective on the news, not to react heatedly or give in to emotion. There is more room for analysis and reflection.”

Among the topics covered in the next program is the crisis within the French women's football team (here W. Renard, J. Mbok and M. -A Katoto).  (Benjamin Krimmel/Team)

Among the topics covered in the next program is the crisis within the French women’s football team (here W. Renard, J. Mbok and M. -A Katoto). (Benjamin Krimmel/Team)

To prepare the 52-minute show, Anne-Laure Bonnet relies on a team of four, not necessarily keen on sports. ” And that’s good! The presenter smiles, accompanied by journalists, senators or representatives from the world of sports. The team has a somewhat community language that is useful to the viewer. We don’t want him to find himself listening to sports only as he is used to on highly specialized channels. The idea is to address a person He does not open the newspaper through the sports pages. Everyone gives their opinions and proposes topics, and this gives a very wide scope.”

The next show, which airs Saturdays at 6pm, demonstrates this wide range. Paris 2024 ticket price, Olympics bashing, women’s soccer crisis, Stade de France sell-out, racism in basketball: there’s something for everyone. “Since the topics covered are serious and in-depth, the danger with this type of program is that you quickly fall into tedious seriousness,” explains Anne-Laurie Bonet. I was afraid we would lock ourselves in there but that is not the case at all. It is possible to be both serious and bland. “The people in the group are quite relaxed, and some of the guests do it naturally. They have a sense of elite. When we talk about the reintegration of Russian and Belarusian athletes, the topic is serious and serious, but we can deal with it in a positive and dynamic way with a smile.”

“I admit I didn’t know the Senators were so passionate about sports.”

Accustomed to pay sports channels, Anne-Laure Bonnet eventually discovered a new environment not too far from her own at Public Sénat. “I confess that I did not know that the Senators were so passionate about sports. They follow it so closely. I am glad to see that the representatives of society do not disdain sports, which indignates me. This subject affects society, and therefore elected officials necessarily. It is necessary that Through the program, we feel that sport is an important topic in our country. »

A national issue increasingly present in the news and on sets, but for which an entire program combining sport, politics, economics and society has taken too long to see the light of day. “Many channels are afraid of programs that run in circles, assures Anne-Laure Bonnet. Our show is still growing but we have shown that it is possible. The idea is really to connect the thinking of athletes with the thinking of society. They are often forgotten, but they are also members of society. »

to prepare

To prepare “Sports, etc…” Anne-Laure Bonnet relies on a team of four, and you don’t need to be a major athlete to be invited. (Photo by Wlad Simic/Kappa for the Senate)

If the athletes are consulted and are at the center of the resurgence project, their presence on the plate is erratic. The news decides. “It’s not something you force yourself on, but you don’t refuse either,” notes the presenter. It all depends on the subjects, but every time we try to have a representative from the world of sports with us. We don’t want a political platform that teaches athletes a lesson by saying, “Look at the athletes, we’re going to show you how we can discuss sports.” We don’t want to fall into that. »

If it’s the end of the first season of a sport, etc. Scheduled for June, the release, anchored, can take a lead at the start of the school year, then become a fortnight. “We’re really going to make sure we finish season one well, but I have every intention of seeing this show grow,” says Anne-Laure Bonnet. It’s not a one shot and we break. I care about him. » Among the many topics a journalist would like to develop on air, women’s sports are quickly on the table. slip “Obviously”. It is a place where women’s sports should be a priority. For it to become normal and so that we no longer need to ask ourselves the question, we have to force it on ourselves. And there, I have a desire to enforce it. There is and will always be a topic about women. It is important to me. »



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