“Polar Park”, Arte’s detective series that combines cold murders with humor


Jean-Paul Rove and Guillaume Juex, a duo of detectives from

As if the synchronization of so many agendas wasn’t complicated enough already, it’s a national strike day. Thus, the conversation between the actors will take place in a small virtual room, as in the time of confinement. No big deal, because behind their respective screens, it’s as if Jean-Paul Rove, 56, and Guillaume Juex, 39, left yesterday. Since only the first will be present in Festival Mania series at night – Keeping the second in Christopher Thompson’s collection for the next series – Here’s a chance to get some news. Between two jokes about the beard of a young man left with a paper to cater to his next project, Jean-Paul Rove says he is delighted with this visit to his native region to present Polar ParkHe, who has not played in any series since then, as a young boy, appeared in only a handful of shows Julie Lescaut.

Created and produced for Arte by Gérald Hustache-Mathieu, Polar Park presents himself as copy of his movie bobobidou, released in 2011. Same place – Jura Massif and the coldest town in Mothe (Doubs) in France – Same duo of detectives – Thriller writer of inspiration and a policeman with a chilling cast – Played by the same duo of actors, same balance of comedy And drama. But it’s not the same story: this time it’s not a matter of explaining a murder but rather several issues that share an aesthetic stage inspired by works of art.

If the series, in a certain way, takes the thought of celebrity development into bobobidou Starting with the character Marilyn Monroe, it was conceived more as a remake than a parallel version. As Gerald Hostache Mathieu says, bobobidou The movie could be directed by Heroes Polar Park », explains with mischief Guillaume Gouix, who embodies Warrant Officer Louveteau, a stern gendarme released in the footsteps of the murderer. On paper, it looks complicated; But it’s all very fluid in these tense and funny six episodes, which play with a mix of thriller codes and some form of slapstick.

“I get the impression that a lot of filmmakers are having fun [dans le monde des séries] Like on the field. Goex clouds

between the film and Polar ParkIt’s been a little over a decade. We are still far from the twenty-six years that separate us The fire follows me The third season of Twin Peaks (The two works by Gérald Hustache-Mathieu are also inscribed with Lynchian references), but the file had time to pass several hands. Led by Céline Camina, director and agent of Jean-Paul Rove, an adaptation has been made bobobidou She finally landed on Arte, which she will air a little later in the year. “Gerald’s world is so remarkable and completely atypical that it is difficult to superimpose it on cinema, Guillaume Guix points out. He was able to capitalize on the exposure of the series. It’s a freer world. I get the impression that as many filmmakers are having fun there as they are in the stadium. Gerald knew how to occupy this space. » Jean-Paul Rove asserts: “If you don’t know Gerald, it must be very complicated to read his scripts. It’s a good thing that her producers and Art trust her people.”

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