Podcast: Listen to the podcast “Au Comptoir de l’info” with Caroline Roux, presenter of “L’Evènement” on France 2 and “C dans l’air” on France 5


Since the beginning of the 2022 academic year, Caroline Roux has presented “L’Evènement” in the first part of the evening in France 2. During the first two issues, the journalist entertains the President of the Republic. These two performances with Emmanuel Macron reaped strong audiences. For six years, Caroline Roux has also presented “C dans l’air”, the famous program of France 5. Daily discussion by experts, without controversy or criticism, on the main current topics.

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François Boudonet and Caroline Roux (Marion Gualandy)

“I feel like he missed the show, refusing the match.” This is what Caroline Roux feels during the second issue of “L’Evènement” with Emmanuel Macron. At this exact moment, while the President of the Republic describes the tables and curves, and seems to refuse to discuss the reform of the pension system, the interviewer ends by saying to the President of the Republic: “At some point, I will still ask you questions!” For a journalist who specializes in political interviews, it is face to face with Head of State is one of the most complex exercises.

“If I fail, my career is over.”

In the mic of François Baudonnet, Caroline Roux asserts that her personal driving force is risk-taking. She likes to put herself at risk. Before each important performance, she often says to herself: “If I miss, my career is over.” In this episode of Comptoir de l’info, the journalist who participated in the July 14 interview admits that the fact that the Elysee chooses those who will question the President of the Republic is “shocking”. “We have to end this because it distorts the practice as much as we do,” she adds.

“At the info counter” is France Télévisions’ first original (audio) podcast. In interview form, the actor who produces public service television news—chief reporter, cameraman, anchor—comes in to deliver, tell, reveal how he works. In the sound atmosphere of the coffee counter, he confides his doubts and joys, but also his fears when he’s on the floor or in the studio. Since May 2021, the podcast “at the information desk” She also receives journalists from Radio France (France Inter, France Info, France Culture) on her microphone.

The series is produced by François Boudonet, Editor-in-Chief of Europe, columnist for franceinfo (Channel 27), senior correspondent for France 2 and columnist for “Nous, les Européens” in France 3. Former correspondent in Rome and Brussels, he started on radio where he presented news 1:00 p.m. on France Inter.

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This episode was directed by Marion Gualandi


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