Podcast. Listen to “Au Comptoir de l’info” with Elise Lucette, presenter of France 2’s “Cash Investigation”


In “Comptoir de l’info” the journalist comes to tell François Boudonet behind the scenes of this now-iconic program that just celebrated its 10th anniversary on air on France 2.

But by what miracle do the heads of large corporations continue to accept interviews with Elise Lucette, when they know in advance that they will be torn apart? Celebrating ten years “critical investigation”the presenter answers François Boudonet’s questions, leaning on zinc in “Comptoir de l’info”, France Télévisions podcast.

Elise Lucet first presented “Pieces à Conviction” in France 3. She is also known for the one o’clock newscast that she has presented for many years in France 2. Since April 2012, she has been the face of “A Critical Inquiry”, where she sets out to denounce the abuses of the business world .

How long is the preparation time required for each Critical Investigation case? Why do members of the show’s crew sometimes go to the coffee shop without their cell phones? Isn’t every episode of “Critical Inquiry” chiefly condemning and not also denying? What are the little jokes for “Voice Over” in “Critical Investigation”? Does the head of France Télévisions put restrictions on the show? Elise Lucette does not evade any question.

“At the info counter” is France Télévisions’ first original (audio) podcast. In interview form, the actor who produces public service television news—chief reporter, cameraman, anchor—comes in to deliver, tell, reveal how he works. In the sound atmosphere of the coffee counter, he confides his doubts and joys, but also his fears when he’s on the floor or in the studio. Since May 2021, the podcast “at the information desk” She also receives journalists from Radio France (France Inter, France Info, France Culture) on her microphone.

The series is produced by François Boudonet, Editor-in-Chief of Europe, columnist for franceinfo (Channel 27), senior correspondent for France 2 and columnist for “Nous, les Européens” in France 3. Former correspondent in Rome and Brussels, he started on radio where he presented news 1:00 p.m. on France Inter.

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This episode was directed by Timothée Le Hec


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