‘PM’s future written in dotted lines’: Matignon’s maintenance Elizabeth Bourne splits majority, after 49.3 on pensions


Should Elizabeth Bourne remain Prime Minister after drawing up Article 49.3 of the Constitution? The question arouses Macron’s ire, divided into two camps: those who demand his departure and those who want to support him.

“Chow Babath”. Not even two hours have passed since thenElizabeth Bourne created Article 49.3 of the ConstitutionThursday, March 16, to be Pension reform Without a vote in the National Assembly, the first messages calling for his resignation poured into the phones of journalists. “How can you honestly leave her …”, Writes this macronist, who appeals “spring cleaning”. In office for less than a year, the prime minister faces her first major political crisis, To the point of being weak. Doubt is his majority, but under a spell since his arrival in Matignon.

Use 49.3 On this main text, which arouses widespread opposition from the French, already seems like a disavowal of strategy “consultation” Elizabeth Bourne who did not bear fruit. He also asks about her future when she is personally committed to this highly contested project by Emmanuel Macron. Interviewed on set TF1 On Thursday evening on the day of maintenance in Matignon, the former Minister of Labor called, simply remembering her presence “linked [s]Responsible for the text.

“Reorganization at all levels is essential”

His entourage is more prolific. “We don’t project ourselves on the future. She knows she’s going through it because she’s the prime ministerWe assure you. His personal fate is not the point.” The following in fact Blame movements Which will be considered by the National Assembly on Monday. who submitted it Lyot group It must rally widely, without winning enough votes in the LR to be adopted. There are fewer people in LR who want to bring down the government than to embarrass it. He confirmed, a few days ago, one of the majority’s advisors.

Therefore, the possibility of the government resigning on Monday is very low. But the executive branch is still frantic in the face of the dangers of abuses on the ground yet Thursday night events. As evidence, Matignon issued instructions Suspension of all travel ministers “in the coming days”. There is no information. zero. sucks. We were left hanging in the air.”A ministerial source who doubted the fate of the prime minister was annoyed: “Bourne’s future is written in dotted lines.”

In the majority, speculation multiplies. “He says to himself that we will not see her spend the summer. Her days are numbered, and we have to turn the page on this episode.” Hand over the Deputy Ennahda, in favor of the departure of the Prime Minister.

“The Borne valve will be used, which is a shock absorber.”

Member of Parliament during the Renaissance

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“While I greatly appreciate Elizabeth Bourne, reorganization at all levels is essential. It must be the first stage of democratic and political renewal.”says another member of the majority. “His strategy of allying with LR has already failed.”presses another.

Elizabeth Bourne wasn’t able to grab a majority of votes in LR, though Agreement with the leaders of the rightEric Ciotti, Olivier Marlix and Bruno Retaio. “The prime minister gave a lot to the script for a very bad resultsighs the deputy renaissance. In the end, the majority ends up with a right-wing reform without the right-wing votes. The result: a large percentage of deputies in the presidential camp believe in Elizabeth Bourne “Too weak to still be able to rule”says the majority source.

“you must stay”

Despite the political situation, the prime minister maintains fierce supporters who do not want to see her leave. “you must stay” , Renaissance Chairman Sacha Houllier, chair of the Law Committee, confirms, without saying more. “We are united behind and continue to support her as she implements important reforms for the country, and then we will not let her go when the going gets tough”detail of the Vicar of the Renaissance Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade. “We’re ready to continue with her. She’s shown she can hold on, that was the case again yesterday on the bike.”adds his colleague Stella Dupont.

Others are more strategic. “Does it give us more space if we change Elizabeth Bourne? I don’t think so.”thought one member of the majority.

“Some try to condemn him – especially in the Elysee – but we must not show that we surrender to the streets either.”

Ministerial advisor

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And the same for the warning: “Beware of Cresson’s shock.” On April 4, Elizabeth Bourne will override the term according to the only other prime minister of the Fifth Republic, Edith Cresson, who stayed at Matignon for 323 days, between May 1991 and April 1992. The symbolic date is fast approaching and some are considering it. There is a rumor that they wish to keep her out of the state of Edith Cresson.the parliamentarian slips from the majority.

But to replace who? “The swing seat isn’t crazy either”A ministerial advisor smiles. “It would be a big question. Do we put someone who is not in the current political game for grandma’s influence, or take a minister like Darmanin, but who doesn’t have majority consensus either?” , asks the Renaissance MP.

In addition to the lack of an obvious alternative, another element could save Elizabeth Bourne, at least in the short term: “It is not in the president’s psyche to act under pressure.”notes a ministerial advisor. The more tension around it, the more Macron wants to keep it.Another smiled. The head of the government has been suspended, but it could still last some time.


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