Petit Bar: when the mafia “host” exchanged text messages with the current director of the Elysee Council of Ministers


Emmanuel Macron's director of government, Patrick Strzoda, at the Elysee Palace, June 23, 2021.

It is an unexpected discovery made by the detectives, in the course of their investigation aimed at money laundering, the Ajaccio Mafia group in Petit Bar. An exchange of letters, from 2012 to 2017, between Johan Karta, the manager of a beach hut who the courts suspected had become “Petit’s Tavern Host”And and Patrick Strzoda, Chief of Staff to the current President of the Republic.

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According to and from the elements of the court file the world Became aware, this dialogue happened through text messages. Mr. Strzoda was Prefect of Corse-du-Sud from 2011 to 2013, then Prefect of Ille-et-Vilaine until 2016, before becoming Director of Cabinet at Bernard Cazeneuve, at the Ministry of the Interior, and then at Matignon in 2016. In May 2017, he joined Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee.

Justice did not hear him in his conversations with Johann Cartha, the content of which would not be illegal. For his part, Mr. Carta was imprisoned in November 2022 on charges of “extortion”, “fraud” and “organized money laundering” in connection with the management of the Gazélec Ajaccio Football Club, which he has been chairing since then, in the summer of 2022.

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Mr. Carta was also quoted in an investigation into possible pressure on jurors in a criminal trial in Ajaccio, where relatives of the Bar Association represented Petit. Their names, in 2021, are found on his phone. The same device also contained a recording of a conversation in which, in 2019, he tried to dissuade Jean-Andre Meniconi, the main car dealer on the island, from running in the municipal elections of Ajaccio against Laurent Marcangeli, the outgoing mayor.

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“credit contract”

join the worldDirector of the President’s Office confirms the content of the messages. It concerns, at first, the cottage of Mr. Carta, Benita, illegally established in the maritime public domain in the south of the Gulf of Ajaccio, and then the questions of the local urban planner (PLU) of the commune of Coti-Chiavari (Corse-du-Sud) where the facility is located . In 2012, environmental association U Levante and the government lobbied vigorously to curb violations of the Coastal Code.

The dispute then concerns five thatched huts, including Mr. Carta’s house. Administrative justice had condemned them, but it was still necessary to compel the owners to dismantle establishments that were as profitable as they were illegal. “I met every landlord, including Mr. Carta, whose dossier was the most difficult to deal with and the one the state was most waiting for.”Mr. Strzoda’s details world. There a trust contract was made with him because he had kept his word, notably by breaking up his thatched hut; I left him my mobile phone number and our communication continued until 2017. I had an exchange or three written messages after my arrival at the Elysee.Confirms , “memory”Because his phone was stolen from him in October 2022.

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