Pensions: transport, fuel, rubbish… An update on the unrest this weekend


Mobilization did not weaken this weekend, while the government chose to withdraw 49.3 to pass Pension reform, to not guarantee an absolute majority. unrest Still expected this weekend. Broken transport, blocked refineries, road closures… The point of unrest is planned for this weekend, while the unions plan “local rallies” on Saturday and Sunday, to continue the feud.

Transport is still broken

affiliate Disturbances should be noted in certain linesAs the SNCF reminds us: “Train circulation continues to improve this weekend, but it will still be disruptive. SNCF Voyageurs counts on 4 Inoui and Ouigo on 5. TER trains will continue to be affected by the strike across the country. Count 3 out of 5 trains on average. Likewise , Interstate traffic is still disrupted by strike action. This weekend the SNCF plans 3 trains out of 5 on average. Some night trains will not run.

Relief for Parisian transport: RATP plans normal traffic on Saturday for subways, buses and trams. If traffic is “almost normal” on RER A, it is “turbulent” on RER B, the Régie des Transports announced.

Refineries are still closed

A spokesman for the oil group told Reuters that about 37 percent of workers in Total Energy refineries and depots in France are on strike this morning, Saturday. The goal: to dry service stations. In Gonfreville-l’Orcher (Seine-Maritime), strikers have threatened to shut down the refinery, says Eric Cellini, coordinator of the CGT. He warned that “the main units will start to close from tomorrow (Saturday)” and “usually the refinery closes at the end of the week or Monday at the latest.”

video. “The most prominent mobilization”: in Paris, the demonstrators are completely behind the garbage collectors

Near Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône), the Petronius refinery, which resumed work on Thursday, is subject to complete closure “no later than Monday afternoon”, according to Sebastien Faragnol, delegate of the CGT. “This weekend, we are preparing for the complete closure of the facilities, which will take place no later than Monday afternoon.”

So far, strikers have contented themselves with blocking fuel shipments, but refineries have kept producing. The Donges (Loire-Atlantique), La Mède (Bouches-du-Rhône) and Fos-sur-Mer (Bouches-du-Rhône) refineries are still on strike.

Electricity and gas workers are still on strike

The CGT unions, who met on Friday, decided to “strengthen the movement everywhere” next week and call for a “renewal of the strike and disruption of work to the maximum,” according to Fabrice Coudor, Federal Secretary of CGT Energy. Production cuts, target cuts and free actions will always be there.

The movement has also tightened a bit on the gas side, at 11 underground gas storage sites in Storengy, of which the largest in Chémery (Loir-et-Cher) has been suspended for strikers, without consequences for customers, according to management. The three LNG terminals at Elengy, another subsidiary of Engie, are still on strike, unlike the Dunkirk terminal, which is operated by Belgium’s Fluxys, according to management.

On the electricity front, production cuts continued on Friday (6,260 megawatts at 4:00 pm according to EDF), without affecting customers but rather affecting EDF’s financial affairs.

Garbage continues to pile up in Paris

In Paris, 10,000 tons of waste is still piling up on the sidewalks, according to the city council. An order asking garbage collectors was signed by Paris police headquarters to allow garbage collection, but “no garbage containers were issued,” according to the city council, in areas where garbage collection is usually done by municipal agents.

According to the CGT, 95% of Ivry treatment site employees and 100% of garage drivers were on strike Friday. Regarding the garbage collectors, no number of strikers were reported from a union source.

Several demonstrations this Saturday

Several events are being organized this weekend in several French cities, details Western France : 2 pm in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), at the same time in front of the prefecture of Calvados, in Caen or even in front of the prefecture of Sarthe, in Le Mans.


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