Pensions: This exchange between Ciotti and a close friend of Macron who reported to the CEO of 49.3


After multiple summit meetings, the executive branch energized 49.3 to adopt the pension reform without a vote by the National Assembly on Thursday. Decisive was the conversation between Eric Ciotti and a relative of Emmanuel Macron.

Decisive conversation to determine The fate of pension reform. On Thursday, the President of the Republicans called a close friend of Emmanuel Macron, informing him of the intentions to vote for members of his party, the statements he played in favor of a valid passage of the executive power to adopt it via Use 49.3.

According to information from BFMTV, Eric Ciotti informed this close friend of the President of the Republic that, according to his calculations, there will be 35 votes for LR to reform the pension system, 30 votes against and about 6 abstentions.

Go vote, very risky

Thus going to the vote would be very risky for the government that has done so Rather, it needs about forty “Republican” votes. for the age of reform. This information provided by Eric Ciotti changed mindsets.

Until the beginning of the afternoon, the betting had not yet been completed. Vote, no vote? The CEO hesitates, procrastinates, as our journalists explain in the form of the long “red line”.

If on Wednesday evening, the vast majority of the members of the first meeting organized around the president advised to go to vote on the reform, with the exception of the speaker of the National Assembly Yael Brown Beefthey are just a bunch to defend the vote during the last meeting, Thursday at 2 p.m.

François Bayrou, Gabriel Attal, many of them converted, and now they are betting on a strong clip so that the text can see the light of day.

“In this reform we have implemented it in effect from the beginning, so even if we go to the vote, it will be voted in anyway with a few votes (…) we will criticize because we passed it in effect (..) .) until it reaches 49.3,” he explains Heavyweight Minister.

“I’m not one to risk his position or seat.”

Then, after a round table of participants, Emmanuel Macron announced the use of 49.3.

“My political concern was to go vote. Of all of you, I am not the one who would risk his place or his seat. But I consider that, in the current situation, the financial and economic risks are very great,” said Emmanuel Macron during the last meeting.

If the information provided by LR president Éric Ciotti swings the majority to 49.3, Matignon has prepared it before the decision is official. Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne has already indicated that she will assume a “fuse” if the text is adopted without a vote.

Initially reluctant to force passage, the prime minister was going to change her mind in the morning, according to our information. And upon the announcement in the circulation of the National Assembly of this option of resorting to 49.3, the atmosphere became charged, between crying, songs and boos.

Risky bet

All week, Emmanuel Macron’s party has been looking for votes and in the calculations to get a majority of votes for the text, but the scattered LR deputies’ intentions have made polling risky. Then the Ennahda deputies indicated in a press statement, “Conflict and irresponsibility of parliamentarians”.

the The Senate adopted, however, unsurprisingly Pension reform during the bill’s second reading earlier in the day, with 193 votes in favor, 114 against and 38 abstentions.

Now, the government has to confront it on Monday over motions of censure by the Leut and National Caucus in Parliament.

LR MPs anticipate motions of censure

Blame requests that are still expected to deputies LR. For example, National Caucus President Jordan Bardella on Friday called on House members to “have the courage to resist pressure and macaroni” and encouraged them to vote. In exchange, the National Front undertakes not to field candidates against the House of Representatives who will vote in favor of the proposal.

Parliament Speaker Olivier Marlix replied to Jordan Bardella: “LR MPs have never been sold, not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow.”

Thursday and Friday evening spontaneous gatherings It spread across the country. A new day of mobilization is taking place this Saturday in France, with several demonstrations planned in several cities.

Agathe Lampret with Marine Ledoux


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