Pensions: For Aurélien Pradié, cross-party censure movement ‘worth considering’


Aurélien Pradié will decide on Monday whether or not to vote in favor of a motion to censure Elizabeth Bourne’s government. Philip Lopez/AFP

Rep. Lott, who argues for a cross-party line on pension reform, doesn’t rule out voting the motion of censure put forward by Lott’s group despite Republicans’ decision not to join it.

I am proud that I have not succumbed to any intimidation and that I have some kind of political correctnesssays Aurelien Pradié In an interview in send . Lot’s deputy takes over the rebellious position within his camp, despite the desire of Republican Chairman Eric Ciotti and LR Group Chairman Olivier Marlix in the National Assembly to vote for state pension reform. “I’ve known my red lines, especially on long posts. I did not disagreeHe assures those of the deputies who took the oath that the text will be defeated. Forcing the PM to resort to 49-3.

The decision of Emmanuel Macron and Elizabeth Bourne is “fails for alldeclares Brady, who sees it.Perhaps the beginning of a turning pointBut the deputy also announced that “line up behind [les] institutionsIf the text is adopted by a majority of votes in the National Assembly.

Asked about his intentions on the two motions of censure put forward by the left and centre, in response to the government’s choice to take responsibility for the text, Aurelien Brady did not want to give a definitive answer, while declaring that if he did not intend to vote for a motion of censure by the RN or NUPES party , which was introduced on the other hand by Charles de Courson of the LIOT group”Still worth thinking about.”I will make my decision on MondayThe deputy said that, therefore, it does not rule out violating the instructions that were decided at a party meeting by the Republican leaders. On Thursday’s BFMTV, Aurélien Pradié actually admitted, during that meeting, to filing a motion of censure from LR. But Eric Ciotti finally told the press that Les Républiques would not join the opposition’s censure motions.

Aurelien Brady, who has already been removed from his post as party vice-chairman by Eric Ciotti, says he is not afraid of a permanent exclusion if he firmly toes a line. Contrary to what the rest of his political family decided. “I will bear all the consequences of the decision I make on MondayHe insists, emphasizing that he has no other ambition than defense.[s]are convictions.”People credit me with a lot of ambitions, but I actually have a lot less than you think.said the deputy who appealed to Emmanuel Macron. Orlin Brady Asks the Head of StateWithdraw this reform and initiate a social conference to return to the social partners to develop a new pension reform“.



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