Pensions: Deputy Modem calls for the resignation of the government


Modem Rep. Richard Ramos on June 29, 2022. Alain Joquard/AFP

Laura Richard Ramos elected representative, who is a member of the majority, called the government “a gang of arrogant people” in an interview with Republican East.

The Bourne government is doomedThis is what the modem representative, Richard Ramos, told the newspaper IHe is my republican . This stunning announcement comes the day after Resort to 49.3 by the Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne.

Thus, the urgent demands for resignation no longer come only from the opposition BIA or RN, but also from the modem centrist party. Indeed, the Democratic Movement is part of the presidential coalition in the assembly and has nearly four ministers in the government. So this ad is an exception.

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“a bunch of arrogant”

The following sequence will only be positive if there is a new government eavesdropping tomorrowHe stressed Laura’s election. “The only important question is: who will be able to realign with the French people?He completed.

We need a government that reshuffles, with ministers capable of listening to the French people and not a bunch of snobs explaining to the French why they are stupid and why they are right, which is currently the case with a feathered president named after him. Olivier Veran Richard Ramos lashed out. The elected official is often described as a “free spirit,” and he had already said he opposed reform.

The announcement comes a few days before the vote on motions of censure brought by the National Assembly and Lyot group. If any were adopted, it would bring down the government.



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