Pension reform: towards a “new mobilization” after 49.3


Will the government’s use of 49.3 give a boost to mobilization? against pension reform ? “There will be new movements” against reforming the pension system, said Secretary General of the Confederation of Trade Unions, Laurent Berger, on Thursday, denouncing a “Democratic MP”.

“Obviously there will be new movements, because the protest is very strong, and we already have a lot of reactions from the union teams. We will decide together in a common union,” said Laurent Berger. A new day of mobilization has not yet been decided, after wed.

Immediate mobilization near the National Assembly

union leaders, See 49.3 coming to pass pension reformWarn against the hardening of the protest movement if this article is used. The trade union forcefully demands you, in the name of the massive opposition social and popular movement Raise the legal retirement ageto vote against the reform project,” intersyndicale said earlier.

As soon as Elizabeth Bourne announced that she would use 49.3 for the project, hundreds of people gathered near the National Assembly. More than 1,500 young people started a demonstration as soon as Elizabeth Bourne was proclaimed, joined by trade unionists, with the aim of going to the National Assembly. CGT also announced that it is occupying the entrance of the Ministry of Culture. The Syndicates also managed to enter the Hôtel de la Marine on the Place de la Concorde.


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