Pension reform: The end of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term promises to be complicated



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Pension reform: The end of Emmanuel Macron's five-year term promises to be complicated
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Live from the Elysee, Friday 17 March, journalist Astrid Mizorian explains the potential political fallout that could weaken Emmanuel Macron.

At the top of the executive branch, the atmosphere is bleak. Friday, March 17, the next day 49.3 launched by Prime Minister Elizabeth BournePresident Emmanuel Macron also suffered a real political implosion four years before the end of his term. “It’s 49.3 like a cluster bombJournalist Astrid Mizorian starts live from the Elysee (Paris).

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‘revolutionary’ context

Emmanuel Macron must now face a double crisis, political and social“, In reference to”An option, 49.3 which he does not want, which he assumes now, as if reassuring himselfAccording to the president’s entourage, the vote on motions of censure next week will be.Vote for or against reform“If the government has.”It is unlikely that it will be demolishedIt will be, the journalist concludes.It is very difficult to reform without a majority and in such an explosive context“.


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