Pension reform: new gatherings in France in the wake of 49.3 and some incidents


Like the previous day, a rally was held on Friday 17 March in Place de la Concorde to protest the government's use of 49.3 as part of the pension reform.

The day after the government’s decision to use 49.3 to pass the pension reform, rallies took place in several cities in France on Friday 17 March. In Paris, Lyon and Strasbourg, clashes took place in the evening on the sidelines of these demonstrations.

Clashes with police in the Place de la Concorde in Paris

About 2,500 demonstrators gathered on Friday evening in the Place de la Concorde, in Paris, as the day before, after many actions by high school and university students during the day. The crowd swelled around 7 p.m., in an atmosphere that had been fairly uneventful until then.

Then some demonstrators lit more bonfires, and the atmosphere became tense as night fell. Hundreds then clashed with police in small groups, hurling projectiles.

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Around 9:30 p.m., the place was completely evacuated. According to the police headquarters, 61 people were arrested in the evening. Today, Thursday, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announced the arrest of 310 people in France, including 258 in Paris, denouncing the arrests. “burnt statues” in Dijon and “Targeted Provinces”.

town hall 4H Lyon neighborhood “looted”, 36 people arrested

In Lyon, Town Hall 4H The neighborhood was targeted on Friday evening during a rally against a pension reform project, which led to further tensions in the city center and the arrest of 36, according to the governorate.

The demonstrators left from central Lyon at the beginning of the evening, where they were a few hundred, mostly young far-left activists, then played a cat-and-mouse game with the police, breaking up into small groups in the narrow streets. The clashes and police response continued until approximately midnight at 4Hthen 6H Lyon district.

Garbage bins are set on fire, motorcycles are overturned, billboards are smashed, shop windows are branded, chanting: “For whom? For whom? It’s ours!” They threw firecrackers, while the CRS responded with tear gas.

At the end of the evening they attacked the town hall at 4H Neighborhood, on the Croix-Rousse plateau. After breaking down the front door of the building, they were able to get in, and then entered “I tried to start a fire.”but “The police intervened quickly and succeeded.” To turn it off, according to the province that reported a “The Ruined Town Hall”.

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In a tweet, Rhone governor Fabien Puccio condemned it “Resolutely storming and plundering the town hall”.

As the Mayor of Lyon, Gregory Doucet (European Environment – Les Verts) on twitter, Convicted “unbearable deterioration” Who is this “public building”.

Vandalized shops and street furniture in Strasbourg

In Strasbourg, it was the place where Kléber met 1,600 demonstrators. “We too will pass by force.”The demonstrators echoed. The province reported “Deterioration” In the city center, but without arrests.

On Twitter, Bas-Rhin District Administrator Josiane Chevalier condemned the attack “Definitely the insults perpetrated by the demonstrators in downtown Strasbourg” and bring him Full support of the National Police (…) who had to intervene several times to restore calm.”.

According to the daily regional newspaper The latest news from Alsace (DNA), The glass doors of the Galeries Lafayette were also smashed, as was a bus shelter, and tram traffic was disrupted. Protesters Overturned furniture, flower pots and empty trash cans on the floor. and lit “garbage fires” And “platforms”According to the newspaper.

Shortly after 10 p.m., police used tear gas to disperse protesters in a square on the outskirts of the Grand Centre, he said. DNA.

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A day for mobilization on March 23, at the invitation of the trade union

The blocking of the Paris ring road, the stations of Toulon or Bordeaux, the strike at the Opéra de Lyon, the demonstrations … Opponents of raising the retirement age from 62 to 64 resumed the fight intermittently on Friday, most often at the initiative of the General Confederation of Workers ( CGT). The union also announced the closure of the TotalEnergie refinery in Normandy this weekend.

Union called for “Nearby local communities” This weekend, also at 9H The day of strikes and demonstrations is Thursday, March 23. SNCF unions are demanding “Keep striking” Renewed started on the 7th and “to work hard” next Thursday.

In this climate of crisis, the small group Libertés, Indépendants Outre-mer et Territoires (LIOT) has submitted a motion of censure “partisan trans” It was co-signed by elected officials of Nupes. The latter is likely to be voted on by right-wing MPs who are not in favor of pension reform. But it seems difficult to achieve an absolute majority to bring down the government. The National Assembly submitted its motion of censure. We will vote on all motions of censure submitted.said Representative RN Laure-Lavalette.

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