Pension reform. MPs from the Loire: Only André Torreña will vote for a motion of censure


Jean-Pierre Tait, deputy from LR: “I don’t want to add chaos to chaos”

“I will never vote on a motion of censure, for the good reason that I do not want Jean-Luc Melenchon to be Prime Minister of France,” declared Jean-Pierre Taiti, deputy LR, of the 6th arrondis*****t of the Loire.

What people need to understand, he insists, is that this motion of no confidence was motivated by the overthrow of the government. After that, two solutions remain before the President of the Republic. First, the dissolution of the National Assembly, and I cannot see it implementing this solution. Ennahda has a lot to lose. Either, and this is the least of things, he respects the opposition that has just toppled his government, in which case the rule is that he invites to his side as prime minister, someone from the majority opposition group in the National Assembly, so NUPES. Jean-Luc Mélenchon never concealed his desire to occupy this position. it’s not…


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