Pension reform: deputy minister in favor of the resignation of the Burundian government


Loire deputy defense minister Richard Ramos on Friday called on Elizabeth Bourne’s government to resign after using 49.3 to reform pensions, while two censure proposals will be presented to the National Assembly on Monday.

“The next sequence will only be positive if there is a new national listening government tomorrow,” MoDem Rep. Laura Richard Ramos said in an interview with progressThe next day forced passage From the government of Elizabeth Bourne on Pension reform.

“The Bourne government is doomed. The only question that matters is: who will be able to reorganize with the French people?” asked the deputy modem Laura.

“Ministers are able to listen to the people”

Richard Ramos said, “We need a government that reshuffles the cards, with ministers able to listen to the French people and not a bunch of snobs explaining to the French why they are stupid.”

The political formation of Le MoDem, to which Richard Ramos belongs, currently has four ministers in the government, including Marc Visno, in charge of agriculture.

Thursday, after the 49.3 declaration, Richard Ramos, who announced his doubts about the reform and his desire to abstain from the vote, said that he saw this choice of government as a “chaos” and an “acknowledgment of weakness” of the president.

After the government announced the activation of 49.3, many deputies in the presidential camp were disturbed by this choice.

“I oscillate between anger and disappointment after 49.3 (…) defeat or victory in the vote, democracy would have spoken,” Renaissance MP Eric Bothorel said on his Twitter account.

Blame movements

On Monday, two motions of censure will be put to a vote by MPs. moon, Uploaded by the National Assemblyhas an uncertain outcome, as it was not signed by any other opposition group.

Second, by raising it Elected representatives of the Liot group, partisans. It was signed by 91 elected opposition members from five groups in the Assembly, with the exception of LR and RN. If adoption of this proposal remains unlikely, it will not be impossible on paper.

to pass the blame motion, 287 deputies must vote in favour. A figure that can be reached if the political forces unite: the entire National Front, the Nupes, the Liot group, part of the LRs, and all the opposition representing 298 deputies, or 11 small votes in advance.

If elected members of the House of Representatives are still supposed to vote in unison with a motion of censure during Some support pension reformthe fact that (a small number) of the majority’s deputies are calling for the government’s resignation could turn the cards.


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