Pension reform. Deputy in the ministry demanding the resignation of the government


“The next sequence will only be positive if there is a new government listening to the nation tomorrow,” the modem MP for Laura, Richard Ramos, said Friday and exclusively to Your Journal.

Somewhat unexpected release. If there are many in opposition, Marine Le Pen (NR) f Jean-Luc Mélenchon (LFI) is in the vanguard, calling for the Prime Minister’s resignation Elizabeth Bourne and its government, Executive power is weaker than using 49.3 He certainly did not expect the blow to come from an elected member of a party in his coalition.

“The leader of the Feathers is his name Olivier Veran »

The presidential party consists of two “allied” political figures with whom they form a coalition in the National Assembly, and from which come some of the appointed ministers in the government. headed Francois BayrouThe Democratic Movement (MoDem), has four ministers in the Bourne government: Genevieve Dariusik responsible for persons with disabilities, Jean Noel Barrow responsible for digital transformation, Sarah El Sheary Responsible for youth and Mark VisnoMinister of Agriculture.

“The Bourne government is doomed to failure. The only important question is: who will be able to reorganize with the French people?” Richard Ramos reassured the deputy, whom observers described as a “free spirit”, before adding, “We need a government that reshuffles the cards, with ministers able to listen to The French people and not a bunch of arrogant people explaining to the French why they are ‘stupid’ and why they are right, which is currently the case with a feathered chef called Olivier Ferrand.”


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