Paris Olympics 2024: The country has called for “extra effort” to purchase tickets


“Open games wider”. This is the call made by Representative Stephane Mazars (Ennahda) to the state, and was spent passing the official slogan. “Let’s open the games wide” Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games (JOP) organizers. He therefore calls upon the public authorities, Considering the high prices offered by the ticket do “extra effort” Buy tickets for the Summer 2024 event.

“The success of the Olympic and Paralympic Games requires strong public enthusiasm” and createPeople’s Ticket Office It is one of the elements that Mr. Mazar emphasizes in his report of opinion, which was drafted on behalf of the Committee on Cultural Affairs and Education of the National Assembly, on the Bill relating to the Olympic and Paralympic Games and various other provisions.

The state is committed at this point to purchasing 400,000 tickets, with a financial commitment of €11 million – without detailing the division between tickets for the Olympic Games and tickets for the Paralympic Games. These places will be distributed to young people and schoolchildren, with priority to those under 16 years of age, to people with disabilities and their carers, to state and local authorities helping to prepare the JOP, as well as to volunteers only.

In addition to these tickets that the country must obtain from the Games Organizing Committee (Cojop), the latter has also reserved 600,000 tickets for purchase by the local authorities hosting the Games. It also finances the supply of 100,000 tickets to disadvantaged people, mainly through the concerned local authorities.

He also called on the Paris City Council to buy more places

The government’s questioning by Mr. Mazars comes 500 days after the opening of the Games. The first phase of selling tickets to the public, which was completed in mid-March, has raised frustrations and criticisms, due to the complexity of the game. The system (drawing, selling in packages, hardness in session groups) and, above all, the level of amounts to be drained.

At the end of this first stage, 3.25 million tickets had been sold in spite of everything. The Cojop that wants to make it to the 2024 Paris Olympics “accessible” And “common”argues that 400,000 seats at €24 (out of a million in total at that price, including 700,000 for the general public) have found applicants, 70% of seats sold do not exceed €100.

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Buying more tickets, given the prices considered exorbitant, is also the demand made in Paris by the ecological and communist allies of Mayor Anne Hidalgo (Socialist Party, PS). In this sense, they arrested her on Thursday, March 16th. While the city must get 50,000 tickets, “It’s not enough, we ask for more.”announced that the communist had elected Nicholas Bonnet Olaldj, calling on MI Hidalgo to “to interfere” With Cojop so that “Check out his ticket office and give free tickets to Parisians”.

“I’m not going to defend Cojop’s strategy, we haven’t been associated with it”Pierre Rabadan, sports and sports assistant, responded by acknowledging the first phase of sales “Partly disappointing”. The Mayor of Paris made the request. extra tickets, “But it is difficult because there is an economic balance that we require Cojop”he added.

Ticketing is an essential component of Cojop’s budget, as it accounts for a third of it, as much as the contribution paid by the IOC and sponsorship agreements. The regulators expect €1.24 billion in revenue from this component (excluding “hospitals”or selling tickets with other services). But the Court of Auditors expressed reservations at the beginning of January. on “certainly” For Cojop to generate such amount of revenue.

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