Olympic Games 2024: health authorities called for “anticipating without delay” tensions and reinforcements for hospitals in the Ile-de-France region


Security and transportation are major challenges that must be faced to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. But there is another potentially critical issue: the ability of the Ile-de-France hospital system to handle the influx of spectators and visitors in mid-summer (the Olympics will be held from May 26). July to August 11), a period during which hospitals usually experience some tensions in terms of staffing.

On this point, without arousing concern, the Social Affairs Committee of the National Assembly at the same time does not hide anything particular ” to caution ” Regarding the rhetoric and expectations of the health authorities and a relative impatience to see the implementation of scenarios that anticipate the most dangerous situations.

“All scenarios must be anticipated and planned seriously so as not to cause excessive last-minute pressure on hospital staff in the region.”(Ennahda) deputy Christine Al Nabour warns about it opinion report On the draft law “relating to the joint work program and including various other provisions,” published on Friday, March 17. Representatives will consider this law in open session From Monday 20 March.

Stressing that the AP-HP and the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Ile-de-France, which count on the 15 million visitors to the Games in Paris, expect “Attendance which is not a big change compared to the normal summer”, Ms. Lee Nabor “recommend caution” on these estimates “fairly reassuring” And To anticipate less favorable hypotheses.

It is reported that even the low scenario, an additional burden on the health care system equivalent to that resulting from “mild winter” will lead to “great tension” in the hospital “Because of the vacation period and recruitment difficulties which tend to increase.” At this point, the Ile-de-France ARS considers it “nine hospitals” it will be “Potentially very affected” Of the games, the deputy notes, who calls “expect without delay” Possible tensions and reinforcements that may be necessary.

Possibility of resorting to “overtime and summer vacation shift”

“The risk of coupling between the Games and other events with a significant health impact – resurgence of coronavirus, heat wave, onslaught…” must be seriously considered. Ms. Lee introduces Nabour, while also drawing attention to the impacts that the Paris 2024 Call for Volunteers could have on health professionals and physicians to secure testing, beyond establishing a health within the Athletes’ Village. This will represent about 3,000 volunteers per day at the height of the JOP, including about 150 emergency doctors in Ile-de-France and about 190 others across France. Details of the decision of the Social Affairs Committee

“It was possible to start a joint business.” By the ARS in Ile-de-France, the Directorate General of Care Presentation and Paris 2024 in order to define a solution “Meeting gaming needs without hampering emergency operations in Ile-de-France”, Ms. Lee Nabor confirms. However, it stresses the need “to anticipate available augmentation options” to Ile-de-France hospitals.

in a state of stress “Located in a few establishments”, Reinforcements could come from other institutions in the area “And we can resort to overtime and an amazing summer vacation.”– thinks Mrs. Lee Nabor. but “If stress is more general in Ile-de-France hospitals,” The member considers that it will then be necessary to request reinforcements from outside the area and take refuge “For students at the end of the course, other options remain.”

These different scenarios should have been studied by the General Inspectorate for Social Affairs, from which a report was issued. This one has it ” newly ” It was offered to the Minister of Health, Ms. Lee Nabor explains. But the illustrator of the Olympic bill “She has not been able, until now, to draw these conclusions.”

Operating cost of 3.8 million euros for the health center within the Athletes’ Village

For the duration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (JOP), a temporary health center will be in operation in the heart of the Olympic Village, which will accommodate more than 15,000 athletes and members of delegations, in order to take care of emergencies and first aids.

It is to be installed in the premises of the Dahnier School, a podiatry training institute in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine. The purchase and equipment of the building will be funded by Paris 2024. The final commitment letter has not yet been signed.deputy (Al-Nahda) Christine Al-Nabour defines it opinion report On the bill related to JOP.

It is up to the AP-HP to establish and manage this center. You will separate a team for this: Managing Director, Medical Director, Health Executive, as well as about fifteen referrals for each specialty practiced. The center will work with 200 French volunteers and 30 international volunteers, according to Paris 2024.

Operating cost (employee bonuses, cost of supplies, equipment, medicines) will be invoiced by AP-HP in Paris 2024, which will pay “to the nearest euro for direct and indirect expenses”. An agreement is being finalized. This cost is estimated So far 3.8 million euros.According to Ms. Le Nabour, who specified that the agreement is not about compensating AP-HP for potential support of in-hospital athletes and supervisors. These costs will be covered by private insurance, contracted by Paris 2024, up to a maximum of 200,000 euros, and expenses in excess of the amount of this cover will be borne by the state.

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