Olivier Lafarge (Bourget coach): “Playing there does not scare us”


Olivier Lafarge (Bourget coach, Mersen Valer 76-75 Friday, Euroleague quarter-final, second leg): “I’m not confident in beauty and I’m not sure of it. I’m ready to play a game. At this level of competition it’s going to be a battle. Tonight we managed to attack the circle. Once you can do that, you open yourself up to beautiful things. Playing there against their ultras doesn’t scare us. It’s good It’s better to have room in anger, even against you. That’s where the greatest memories are made.”

“We wanted to take revenge, we know it’s going to be hard out there.”

Laetitia Gabo, Bourges Suite

Laetitia Gabo (Bourges Suite): “We’re happy, we wouldn’t say otherwise. We wanted revenge, and we know it’s going to be tough there. The fact that they benefit from better conditions makes things a little tastier, but we don’t really think about it, we just want to beat these girls when we see on paper that they’re CV’s.” We want to show that even if we don’t have the same conditions, salary or flights, we can compete.”

Alex Dochette (The Bourgeois Leader) “We showed strength of character, we were tough and intense, for the first twenty minutes, we had to hold out for twenty minutes. We showed that we are a team. The hardest part is still to do. We had a lot of skill this evening, but we know things come and go. That’s it.” “It would give us confidence in the next match. The title is provocative. It’s a bit like qualifying for the Final Four. There will be a fight.”

Roberto Añeguez (Coach of Mersin) : “Borg deserved to win this match, I have nothing to say. We didn’t play well in attack and started playing too late. We struggled until we finished in the first and second half and had the advantage on the field, we will have to take advantage of him on Wednesday at home for beauty. »



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