Numerology Meaning Of Numbers

numerology meaning of numbers

So you are probably here because you want to learn more on numerology and the meaning of numbers. You will be amazed after reading my article.

Numerology is a type of mathematic.

that reveals the personality, character, and other information when a numerology reading is done for a person; this is done with your name and birth date. From this, a numerologist will establish what are called key numbers, and interpret the meaning of these numbers. The way these numbers are found is that a number is assigned to each letter of the alphabet A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5, F=6, G=7, H=8, and I=9. The numbers that are used only are counted from 1 through 9, and J =1 and using simple addition; for each of these nine numbers there are meanings and for each number that is added to another number there is a double meaning that must be interpreted.

There are two popular systems that are used in numerology, the first is the Pythagorean system; this has been used since about 600BC, however, it may not have been used to do numerology readings but rather a way of doing early mathematics. This system is very popular as it is easy to use and understand, this is using the numbers one through nine.

The second method of numerology is the Chaldean system, this converts numbers one through eight and has some precursors; it uses the name that is most known, the reading shows the unseen forces at work, the birthday affects the personality and health. Single and compound numbers are of equal importance in this reading. Continue reading numerology meaning of numbers to learn more.


Numerology Meaning Of Numbers


The numerology meaning of numbers is significant in meaning for each part of life, the first number;

Traits for # 1; is Leader, the traits of the person with a one in their numerology reading is; originality, independence, courageous, an achiever, strength, and creative. Along with this for the number one, this number can symbolize the beginning, or a person that needs to stand-alone or be assertive and creativity or talents recognized. This is usually a willful person that is inventive and dominant with energy that is focused and rational and can be considered a masculine number.

Gifts: for this number are self-sufficient, inventive and a master.

Challenges: for number one stubbornness, egotism, bluntness, ambition, dominance, willfulness, and impulsiveness.

Personal Goal: for this number, it is to establish individuality or make a name.

Fears: the fears of number one is being overlooked and not using talents.
Succeed As: what this number might excel at; writing, as a director, inventor, president, public figure, business owner, or a designer.

Number two is named the partner and often symbolizes coming together with another and partnership. This person is supportive and very aware of others needs along with their own. They are often shy, artistic, and analytical. The number two is magnetic and thought of as feminine.Traits: traits of the number two are a diplomat, a friend, an artist, enduring, a peacemaker, gentle insightful and sensitive.

Gifts: the number two is charm, understanding, being supportive and loving.

Challenges: the challenges for this number are being self-conscious, fear, hesitation and details.

Personal Goals: the goals for number two are relationships and security.Fears: number two has fears of the unknown, unplanned changes, being alone, and making mistakes.

Succeed As: number two is a number that will do well as an artist, technician, psychologist, number two makes a good spouse, healer, a bookkeeper or as a coordinator.

The number three is the optimist, it symbolizes growth, and united with number one it creates energy; if together with number two the meaning is fruitfulness. The number three holds the meaning of imagination, and the outpouring of energy in action. The person with three in their numbers is optimistic, fun-loving, youthful and enthusiastic.

Traits: The number three is a creative person, social and easy-going, the person with three in their reading are often a visionary, humorous, energetic and spontaneous.

Giftss: Number three holds enthusiasm, imagination, and versatility.Challenges: The person with number three in their reading often finds exaggeration in situations, lack of direction and unfinished projects, they are sensitive to criticism, and laziness often finds them.Personal Goals: Number three stands for enjoying life, staying young and play.

Fears: Number three fears the loss of youth, being restricted, and boredom. Succeeds As: This number stands for those who motivate, a coach, a writer, musician, an artist, a parent and a salesperson.

Number four stands for the practical, being able to put ideas into a form of action, in work or productivity. It is a number of being constructive, realistic, along with traditional and cautious, order and management.

Traits: this number is associated with determination, the serious builder or doer, manager of things along with being traditional.Gifts: the gifts of number four is concentration and realistic values

Challenges: The challenges of this number are being too cautious, a limited viewpoint and rigidity.Personal Goal: This number stands for accomplishment and security.

Fears: With this number, the fears are sudden changes, loss and deprivation. Succeeds As: the employment types that this number represents are a scientist, business owner, developer, attorney and administrator or an office worker.

Number five is a number that represents progress, it is multiplicity, progression and passion, it is a number that signifies new growth, and a need for change.

Traits: The traits of number five are the adventurer, freedom, activity, a promoter or having a flair for things and being sensual.

Gifts: This number represents such gifts as being resourceful and magnetic, motivated or competitive.

Challenges: The number five is a number that holds restlessness and procrastination, activity with lack of direction, or one that does not follow through with things they begin.

Personal Goal: The number five needs to win, to experience everything in life.
Fears: number five fears ageing, not seeing and experiencing the world and all it has to offer, they also fear boredom.

Succeeds as: Number five can succeed as a public figure, a developer, speculator or a designer, a reporter of news, a performer or an agent.

The number six is a number of perfection, this is a person that strives for harmony and balance in life.

Traits: This is a number that stands for a strong sense of responsibility one with a number six in is usually a person who is artistic. Traits: Number six stands for responsibility and artistic ability, a nurturing disposition and community-oriented, this is a balanced person and outspoken.

Gifts: the gifts of the number six are they freely help others, they have a love of domestic affairs and home, and hold sympathy for others.Challenges: This is a number of self-righteousness and a stubborn person, one who may dominate their family.

While this is some of the numerology meaning of numbers, there is much more meaning, some that are the good traits and the bad traits and for the beginner, a more simple way of understanding the meanings for these nine numbers maybe by using the good traits and the bad traits for each number. Continue reading


The Traits Of The Numbers


Learn now about the traits of the numerology meaning of numbers.

The number one positive traits are: this person is an initiator of action, they usually have pioneering spirit, inventive ideas, along with strong leadership skills, they are usually an independent person, they are driven to attain their goals, individualistic style, with executive abilities number one is a leader in the workplace, extraordinary will and determination, number one is a courageous number. The negative traits of number one are: This number one can be an overly assertive or aggressive personality, they can be a dominating person, impulsiveness and egotistic can be a drawback for people with this number in their reading.

Number two positive traits: Cooperation and adaptability are main traits for number two, they are considerate and sensitive to the needs of others, they thrive when it comes to partnering, they do well as an arbiter or mediator, the person is modest and sincere, spiritually influenced, and are a diplomat.

There are negative traits for number two and they are: Shyness and timidity, they are often self-consciousness, in work they can often drown in detail, at times the people with number two in their numerology are depressed.

The Number three positive traits are: Self-expressive in many ways and verbalization is often where this person with number three in their numerology excels, inspiration and a keen imagination or artistic abilities is where this number thrives, never-ending optimism, happy and fun-loving, number three truly enjoys life fully.

The Number three has negative traits such as Scattered energies and exaggeration, along with unfinished projects and lack of direction, this person with number three in their reading are often moody and self-centred.

Positive traits of number four are A strong sense of order and values which this number strives for, struggle against limits in any situation, they enjoy steady growth in all aspects of life, this person with number three is highly practical and often have a scientific mind, attention to detail is a foundation for achievement in this numerology number, organization and fine management skills are where this person excels. Number four has negative traits such as this number often has a lack of imagination or can get caught up in details, this is a stubborn person with fixed opinions and can often be argumentative, this person with number four in their numerology is often too serious, confusion is often a trait of this number in some situations.

Positive traits of number five are new and visionary ideas along with quick thinking, they are versatile and ever-changing with many situations in life, this is an action-oriented person, this number often represents a curious and exploring person by nature, they promote and are resourceful in using freedom constructively.

There are negative traits for number five: They are often restless, discontent and edgy temperament and dissatisfaction are often their mood in some situations, too many hasty decisions mostly due to impatience by this person, lacking in the application in many situations is the fault of this number.

The number six has many positive traits: A strong sense of responsibility is what this number strives for, they are often artistic and have a nurturing disposition, they are community-oriented and balanced in their thoughts, they have sympathy for others and are a humanitarian along with being unselfishness, they have a fierce love of home and domestic affairs and will freely render service to others. For as many positive traits that the number six has they also have negative traits: Self-righteousness and obstinacy are two along with stubbornness, these are often people who like to dominate family and friends, they may meddle in affairs, often egotistical and outspoken will describe this person in some situations.

The number seven is often thought of a lucky and it has positive traits: Skilled at analysis and research can often describe this person, an intelligent seeker of knowledge in any subject and often a scientific and inventive mind, charming personality and demeanour can describe this person accurately, love of solitude and peace is what they seek, a perfectionist at heart in all situations. Negative traits balance all the good in the positive traits of number seven: Hidden motives and suspicions often rule these peoples motives, they are often overly reserved, their way of dealing with arguments enjoined with silence or sarcasm is the way this person will deal with confrontation, they can be isolated and inflexible, they can become overly upset by distractions.

Numerology’s number eight has positive traits such as Executive in character and abilities, they often show political skills and expert handling of power or authority in their positions in life, working for a cause and achieving recognition is a main goal for this number, their character is to exercise sound judgment, which is decisive and commanding.

Negative traits for the number eight are: This number can represent a workaholic who may be overly ambitious and as such, they might lack humanitarian instincts, they might have a personality where they mismanaging money, in the workplace they may repress subordinates or be impatient with people, they are often stressed and materialistic.

Number nine has positive traits: Heartily friendly and congenial can describe this person character, humanitarian instincts and a giving nature along with being selflessness, they take obligations with a sense of seriousness, they often use a creative expression and can be readily influenced to do good work, the artistic ability and writing talents are often this numbers chosen field. The negative traits for number nine can equal the positive traits: Self-adulation is often their bane along with scattered interests, they have a possessiveness nature, moodiness can also be an effect of number nine, careless with finances, this person is often wanting peer attention.

To shorten the description of these numbers further for just a general idea of what each number stands for are:

Number one stands for; unity, creation, independence

Number two stands for; duality and emergence

Number three stands for; power, generative, force

Number four stands for; solidity and dullness

Number five stands for; sensuality and pleasure

Number six stands for; perfection, harmony and balance

Number seven stands for; mysticism, psychic and magic

Number eight stands for; material, success and justice

Number nine stands for; spiritual and mental achievement

I hope you were happy reading my numerology 333 meaning of numbers article.

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