Now Instagram has started its Pad Blue Tick service, and it’s launched in this country and that’s the price


Instagram blue tick: Twitter has raised such a wave of blue ticks that it has now reached the meta as well. In fact, like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, now owned by Meta, also introduced the Pad Blue Tick. This simply means that Meta will now offer Blue Tick to anyone for money. However, to get a Blue Tick, users must be ready to pay the company the fixed amount. Currently, Meta has not launched the service in India but in the United States.

To whom Twitter and Instagram used to give blue ticks earlier?

Until recently there was no service board from Blue Tick. Only a select few have been given a blue tick. Speaking of Twitter, Twitter used to only give blue ticks to prominent people or journalists. At the same time, Instagram previously used to give blue ticks to media organizations, influencers, celebrities and politicians in front of their names. Blue ticks used to select the verified profile of that famous person, but now the blue tick game is completely changing.

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Meta has now launched Pad Blue Tick in the US. If you sign up on the web and want Blue Tick, the service costs 989 rupees ($11.99) per month. Moreover, the service ($14.99) costs Rs 1,237 per month if you sign up on iOS or Android. Also told that if you use the web service, you will only get a blue tick for Facebook, but if you choose the App Store or Google Play option, you will get a blue tick for both Facebook and Instagram. This is why the cost of mobile service is higher than that of the web.

Blue tick rules on instagram

To get a blue tick on Instagram, even if it’s a blue tick with money, you have to be 18 years old. In addition, you must also have a photo ID. The Company will not provide a Blue Tick until the verification process has been completed. After verification, if you get a blue tick, you will not be able to easily change the username or any other information on the profile. If you also want to make changes, you will have to go through the verification process again.

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Does everyone have to pay?

According to reports, users who already have blue ticks on Instagram and Facebook will not have to pay for Meta’s paid verification service. However, nothing can be said about when and what changes will occur.

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