Bin Odeh Abdel Daem: NATO decides to confront

Ben Odeh Abdel Daem: NATO decides to face the Chinese “challenge” without developing a doctrine – 05/12

On Thursday, December 5, Ben Auda Abdel Daem returned in his column to China, which had become NATO’s number one enemy. This column can be viewed or listened to Monday through Friday on Good Morning Business presented by Christophe Jakubyszyn on BFM Business. From Monday to Friday, from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on channel 23 of TNT in “Good morning business”, Christophe Yakoubezin, Faiza Jarel-Yonsi and journalists from BFM Business (Nicolas Dawes, Hedwige Chevrillon, Jean-Marc Daniel, Anthony Morel..) Decipher and analyze economic, financial and international news. Entrepreneurs, big bosses, economists and other players in the business world … Don’t miss the interviews on the only morning economic program in France, on TV and radio. BFM Business is the premier French channel of continuous economic and financial information, with exclusive interviews with presidents, businessmen, politicians, experts and economists in order to cover all French and international news. BFM Business also advises you on your finances with leading personalities in the fields of heritage, real estate or the financial markets. Search every day: Christophe Jacobezin, Fayza Garel Younes, Nicolas Dawes, Hedwig Chevrelon, Jean-Marc Daniel, Anthony Morel, Guillaume Sommer, Cédric Decour, Karen Vergnol, Grégoire Favet, Sébastien Coisnon, Emmanuelle LeChepper, Pina Colaud. .. BFM Business is available on your Box (SFR: Channel 46 / Orange: Channel 228 / Bouygues: Channel 242 / Channel: Channel 108) as well as Live and Replay on the BFM Business App and Website: www. bfmbusiness.fr .


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