What are these muffin top workouts that you can do it.You have never liked the muffin top, have you? There isn’t a pride in that bulging midsection. You have to do away with it for that reason. But how?

Muffin top fat is generally difficult to melt. It is stubborn. There have been too many stories that revolve around how to eradicate that fat. Perhaps its only me that I see many people around complaining about methods that are claims to work but actually don’t work to get rid of the love handles for them. But, I want to tell you that with the workouts that I’m actually going to provide today, the fat will melt away so fast that even you yourself will wonder how.

These workouts are purely based on science and NOT myths, as most others are. They target the whole body for fat loss, with more stress given to your core. That way, the fat around your midsection won’t like the way it’s attacked. It will surrender and melt away.

1. Dead Bug

Lie face-up. Stretch both hands fully along your sides. Bend your knees to bring your legs into the tabletop position. Lower legs to become parallel to the floor.

Now brace your core and while you straighten your right leg such that it doesn’t necessarily touch the floor, lift up your left arm to reach behind your head. Ensure your lower back is always in contact with the floor. Get back to the starting position and repeat for the other side too. That’s one rep. Do 10.

2. Dynamic Plank

Start in the standard plank position. Now let one of your arms, eithe left or right, rest on the elbows. Set the elbow such that it’s directly below your shoulder. Ensure that your head, butt and heels form a straight line in the process. Now lift that arm as you lower the other one to also rest on the forearm. Keep alternating the arms. Do 10 reps for either side.

3. Ball Balance

Practically lie on the ball, resting on your abs to stabilize. Lift and stretch your right arm forward and your left leg backward. Asyou breathe, hold yourself here for about… 10 seconds. You can as well make it more complicated by raising yourself further as though you wanted to write something in the air. Ensure you keep the ball steady and also keep your body in a straight line always. Do five reps with each arm and leg as you alternate sides for another five.

4. Superman Exercise

Lie face-down on your yoga mat. Stretch your hands fully and over your head, just next to your ears. As you contract your glutes, at the same time, raise your leg, arms and chest, all off the floor. Now hold in that top position for a second, or two if you feel stronger. Lower back your legs, chest and hands to the floor for another rep, and another till 10.

5. Swimming

Swimming sounds enjoyable and you may think it’s just there for pleasure alone. No! Swimming helps us melt the muffin top. It has not only been scientifically proven, it also practically. Utilize swimming for a flat belly, if you have been ignoring it.

6. Push-Ups

In the plank position and with palms wider than shoulder-width, contract your abs, align your neck, hips and back while keeping feet together. Do not arch your back.

Now bend your elbows as you lower down low until your chest get close to the floor. Push again upwards until your arms both extend fully. Do 10-15 such reps.

7. Towel One-Arm Rollout

In the high plank pose, place a small towel under each palm. Don’t hunch up your shoulders to your ears. Keeping both arms as straight as possible, slide your right arm to your front. Neither let your hips nor torso move in the process. Slid it back slowly. Repeat again for the left arm and do 6 reps for each side, total 12.

8. Double Criss-Cross

Start by lying face-up with your hands behind your head and knees bent into your chest. As you keep the left knee bent into chest, stretch the right leg to become parallel to the ground. Now turn your shoulder too into the bent knee. In the process, don’t pull your head and keep your elbows open as wide as possible. Now fulsome your knees and shoulder twice together. Keep alternating legs and arms. Do 10 reps for each side.

9. Cardio

Generally, all types of cardiovascular exercises elevate your heart rate. That is important in increasing the amount of energy consumed by the body, hence the body burns fat, including the muffin top fat for more energy. Venture on cardio for melting a significant amount of muffin top fat.

10. Elevated Plank

Start by placing your forearms on the ball and extend both your legs straight backwards to rest on your toes. Then pull your belly button inwards as you exhale. Make your back straight in a flat line like a table. Hold there for 45 seconds, take a small rest and repeat again.


Now you have gone through all the muffin top workouts that you can perform easily and get the result.This is a takeaway information. Go and use it, not only to melt that muffin top, but also strengthen your core in the process. Enjoy the burn. Good luck!