Montpellier performs well against Chartres and regains the lead in the tournament


It took nearly 55 minutes for the Montpelliers, but they finally faced the combative Chartrinat to restart the game after the international break. In the second half, the two teams tied (12-12). The best in Montpellier are Julien Bosse (3 goals on 4 shots) and Diego Simonet (6 goals on 12 shots).

At Chartres, Svetlin Dimitrov has 100% success (5 shots, 5 goals). Note that Jaime Fernandez played his first match for Montpellier on Friday night. The Spanish left winger arrived in France at the beginning of the week as a medical clown after Hugo Descat (knee) injury, who has been out for several months.

What’s more, Montpellier has also been without Swedish left winger Lucas Bellas for several weeks, injured in the face after falling at home. Jaime Fernandez’s arrival in Montpellier, planned for the off-season (and until June 2026), was expected thanks to the agreement reached with his German club, Nordhorn Lingen.

In the other two games of the evening, San Rafael beat Bay Dykes (28-24) and Avery beat Easter (41-36).



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