Mobilization against pension reform: What actions are planned for next week?


The trade union is calling for a big rally day for Thursday 23 March throughout France.

Anger Doesn’t Fall, Saturday March 18th in two days Use of Article 49.3 of the Constitution by Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne Adoption of the pension reform project without a vote by the National Assembly. Rallys of several thousand people took place the same evening and the next day, on the Place de la Concorde, in Paris, and in many of the great cities of France. Demonstrations also took place in the capital, as in several other cities, on Saturday. In transportation, refineries or education, notices have already been served or extended next week. Here are the announced moves, and the procedures are still underway and will continue.

“filtration dams” at the entrance of some incinerators in the Paris region

The garbage collector mob evolved on the thirteenth day of their strike. The strikers set up the three waste incineration sites produced by Paris and part of the Île-de-France “filtration dams” to allow garbage trucks to pass, a union representative told AFP Saturday, confirming information from launch.

The strikers gathered in a general assembly on Friday “Work continues until Tuesday, inclusive with the liquidation of trucks.” In Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine) on Saturday and Sunday, and then in Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis) on Mondays and Tuesdays, said Fatiha Lahrech, representative of the CGT union in the Issy-les-Moulineaux location. .

In Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne), the largest of the three mixed union burning sites in Setome, the police came on Friday to evict the strikers from one of the two neighboring garages, before withdrawing. And the Agence France-Presse indicated that access to the factory from the garages of garbage trucks is still prohibited.

The refinery has been announced to be closed

Shutdown of facilities at TotalEnergies refinery in Normandy, in Gonfreville-l’Orcher (Marine Seine), It started on Friday night.CGT General Secretary of the Normandy Platform, Alexis Antonioli, told AFP on Saturday. However, this shutdown will take several days and should not cause an immediate shortage of fuel at service stations.

according to Eric Cellini, CGT Coordinator, Another refinery, that of Petronius, in Lavera (Bouches-du-Rhône) could also close no later than Monday. IThe Esso-ExxonMobil refinery in Port-Jérôme-Gravenchon (Seine-Maritime) could also be closed on Monday or Tuesday due to a lack of crude oil to be refined, due to a strike at the oil depot in Le Havre. So far, strikers have contented themselves with blocking fuel shipments, but refineries have kept producing.

Between 20 and 30% of flights were canceled in Marseille and Orly on Monday

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) has asked airlines to cancel 30% of their flights in Paris-Orly and 20% in Marseille-Provence on Monday 20 March, due to the strike by air traffic controllers against pension reform. “Despite these precautions, disruptions and delays are to be expected,” The DGAC warned on Friday.

To reduce traffic disruptions, minimum service provisions will apply at certain en-route air navigation centers (CRNA, air traffic control centers) and airport navigation services. The DGAC is calling on passengers who can do so to delay their flight and inquire with their airline to find out the status of their flight.

A call to strike for specialized baccalaureate exams on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays

In education also, calls for “Continue packing” multiply. Many unions are calling for b Supervisors strike during specialized baccalaureate examswhich takes place from Monday to Wednesday, I learned from franceinfo from a syndicate source Friday. A call passed privately by Snes-FSU, the major minor league, FO, SUD and CGT. Unions associated with CFDT or Unsa centers are not signatories. The Minister of Education indicated that he would act “extra guards”.

At the regional level, several unions have already submitted strike notice next week. This is the case of the Inter-Bretagne Academic Union (CGT Educ’action, snFOlc, Snes-FSU Bretagne, SUD Education). Monday, Tuesday and/or Wednesday, 536,081 candidates must work two exams, which is a third of baccalaureate results.

National Labor Day, Thursday

Major unions called for “local neighborhood clusters” during this weekend. On Saturday, demonstrations took place in several cities in France, such as Nantes (Loire Atlantic), Saint-Etienne (Loire), Albertville (Savoie) or Paris. As announced by the union The ninth day of strikes and demonstrations on Thursday in all countries. Paragraph denounces “Strongly” From Emmanuel Macron and Elizabeth Bourne, in particular “The responsibility that the executive branch bears in the resulting social and political crisis” From the decision to involve 49.3.

A “black day” is scheduled for Thursday in rail transport

In the SNCF, the four representative unions on Friday called for “Keep striking” Renewable starting March 7th. CGT-Cheminots, Unsa-Ferroviaire, SUD-Rail and CFDT-Cheminots also invite railway employees to “Doubling of unified measures and initiatives as of this weekend across all regions”.

>> Mobilization Against Pension Reform: Here’s the SNCF’s traffic forecast for this weekend

No forecasts for the beginning of next week have been announced. But the unions have already called “to work more intensively on March 23rd” to oppose reform.

For its part, RATP expects normal traffic on the metro, bus and tram networks, as well as on the Orlyval line. But Ile-de-France residents should expect it “dark day” On the metro on Thursday, according to FO-RATP, the leading union among drivers.


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