Mobilization against pension reform: a new rally in Concord on Friday evening



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New rally in Paris, Friday 17 March.
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A protest against the government’s use of 49.3 in pension reform takes place on the evening of Friday, March 17, on the Place de la Concorde, in Paris. Jocelyn Debraux assesses the situation for 20 hours.

strong tensions against Pension reform. “The Place de la Concorde has just been cleared (Friday 17 March at 8:40 pm) by the police. But a few minutes ago there was a particularly tense confrontation between several hundred demonstrators who rode construction equipment to start fires and on the other hand a number of police forces stopped them from heading towards the National Assembly.”Decoded by Jocelyn Debraux.

Floods less than those that occurred on Thursday evening

“The situation remains tense on the Place de la Concorde, even if it is clear that it has nothing to do with the excesses that occurred last night in Paris.”as indicated by the journalist.


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