So how to use meditation to lose weight. When it comes to losing weight, most people tend to focus on the traditional way of achieving it by doing some regular exercise and following a healthy diet. Surely by doing it, you will accomplish your dream weight. But if you want to maintain it, exercising and having a healthy diet is not enough because it will only give you temporary results.

What I mean by temporary results is, what if after achieving the weight of your dreams, you suddenly lose focus and don’t want to continue your workout anymore? If you suddenly go back to your unhealthy lifestyle like eating so much and not even do some exercise, after a few months, your body will go back to gaining some weight.

It will be frustrating if this happens. All your efforts from before will go to waste, and you will again do the traditional way of losing weight. But if you practice meditation, you will not only find yourself losing some weight but also you will find calm and openness.

Here are 5 ways to use meditation to lose weight and burn extra calories.

1.Lessens Your Stress

When you always think that you are on a diet and that you need to lose weight, you are required to not eat too much. And just by thinking that, you surely will be stress, and people who are stress usually want to eat more. So, in the end, you lose focus on your diet and binge eat. Funny, right? But with proper meditation, you will feel calmer and stay focus on your goal.

2.Healthy Food Decisions

Giving in to your cravings is a no-no when you want to lose weight. People eat depending on their emotional state, and most of the time, they fail to stop themselves. Meditation will help you avoid emotional eating and increase your awareness of choosing what food to eat.

3.Stay focus on your goal

If you are doing meditation, staying focus on your goal will not be hard for you. You will remain firm and steady to accomplish your particular goal, and you will not get sidetracked with your surroundings.

4.Knowing When You Are Full

Changing your overall lifestyle is tiring, and sometimes you tend to forget when you are hungry or when you are full. Having an attentive meditation will help you know when to stop eating because you are already full, and not just eat because you are bored.

5.Gives You Good Hormones

When you are in meditation, you will not only feel calm and relax; your everyday mood will also change. The good hormones that release when you are in meditation will increase your positive feeling and keep you emotionally stable. It will also help you to sleep and rest properly at night. So if you are in a good mood, you will not be stress and you will not crave for food.


Diet and exercise will surely make you lose some weight. But if you want to maintain your healthy body, you should also consider doing it with a healthy mind. Meditation will not give you a quick result to lose some weight, but it will gradually help you maintain your desired body.

So stay healthy by having your diet and exercise, and do some meditation to lose weight and for your mind. It will not only help you lose some weight, but it will also help you to stay focus in life.