Lyon-Nantes: Two irreplaceable goalkeepers, and Carret is guilty


Alban Lafont (Nantes) and Maxence Caqueret (Lyon). Panoramic and AFP

Peaks / Fluctuations – Lyonnais and Canaris could not decide between themselves (1-1) in the opening match of the 28th day of Ligue 1. Find peaks this encounter.


Two guards on a big night

This opening match of the 28th day of Ligue 1 football saw the goalkeepers engage in a great duel from distance. Remy Rio, who continues to make up for Lopez’s absence in the Leon cage, has nothing to reproach himself with on Friday. Unhappy at Lukeba’s CSC, he then fired the big game in front of Mohamed (36) and Gisand (50). At the other end of the field, Alban Lafont also made saves, against Lacazette (45 + 1) and Caqueret (54). Very relaxed in the air, the Canary Islands janitor didn’t seem bothered at not being invited to the next gathering of the France team, while his name came out insistently.

Inspirational calf

The Canary Islands’ favorite rookie. Well integrated since his arrival this winter from Schalke 04, Florent Mollet put in an impressive performance on Friday. The 31-year-old, who sits at the end of midfield, has been extremely fair, racking up 100% of successful passes. However, he was not content with simple play and was able to dribble out some good balls, such as his perfect offset to Mohamed (54th). He was also skilled in solo play, and his great bridge over Lepenant in the first period proved it.


Caqueret losing the ball

His match could not have started worse, with the loss of the ball causing Nantes to open the scoring from the start. Clearly guilty of this goal, Maxence Caqueret tried to raise his head and went wide in midfield. But the young Lyon midfielder lost many duels and missed several group moves due to a lack of precision. The draft, he could have made up for it shortly after the appeal, but he negotiated the duel with Lafont (54th place) poorly.

Sar so discreet

Amin Sarr confirms his shy appearance in the Lyon shirt. Moved to the left wing due to Lacazette’s return to the top, the young Swedish striker struggled to stay put in this fixture. Very discreet, he didn’t take any initiative in his lane (he didn’t try any dribble) and he didn’t get the slightest chance. Unsurprisingly, Laurent Blanc decided to substitute him early in the second half.

Simon can’t do that

Match in the picture of the season. Moses Simon tried a lot in his left lane but showed a lot of clumsiness. Fifteen balls lost, just 69% successful passes… So valuable to the Canaries last season, the Nigeria international is doing a much less exciting 2022-23 and is no longer able to raise his level.



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