‘LR MPs never sold out’: Marleix responds to Bardella after calling him to vote on motion of censure


Jordan Bardella suggested that MPs elect MPs by not putting forward competing candidates in a new election in the event of the dissolution of the Assembly. The National Front filed a censure motion to overthrow the government after it used 49.3 percent of pensions.

The end of inadmissibility. Les Républicains (LR) Speaker of Parliament Olivier Marleix responded Friday evening on Twitter. At the call of the Foot, it was launched by the President of the National Rally (RN) Jordan Bardella In the event of holding new legislative elections if the National Assembly is dissolved.

the Opponents are calling for the overthrow of the government after Its use 49.3 To advance pension reform.

“LR deputies have never been offered for sale, neither yesterday, nor today, nor tomorrow,” Olivier Marlix wrote.

Jordan Bardella confirmed on Friday that no candidate from his party will be presented in constituencies as LR MPs will vote on a motion to censure the government, after launching 49.3 on pension reform on Thursday.

Resume RN if resolved

“All opposition movements must put the interest of the French (…) before the interest of the political parties,” called the leader of the elected National Rally party in circulation, in the “Do not touch my post” program, on C8.

A renewed call in the evening on Twitter. He writes: “I appeal to the deputies of the Chamber of Deputies: in the event of the dissolution of the National Assembly, the National Assembly will not put forward candidates in constituencies as the deputies of the Chamber of Deputies will vote, with us, censuring the government.”

I’m not buying votes, I’m just saying let’s stop the bigotry.”

Decisive votes for the election of LR

The aim of the motion was to encourage elected members of the House of Representatives to vote in favor of the censure motion put forward by the far-right group on Friday in order to overthrow the government.

The MEP called on LR parliamentarians to “have the courage to resist pressure and exaggeration”, believing that “many Republicans are dithering” on whether or not to vote for a motion of censure.

Two censure proposals were introduced on Friday in a bid to topple the government, the day after it decided to use 49.3 to push through a hotly contested pension reform. One of them is worn by an RN.

To ratify a motion, the vote of the elected members of the House, as well as the vote of the elected officials of Nupes and RN, will be necessary.


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