So what are these lower belly pooch exercises that you can follow to lose some fat. One sad thing with life is that you will never notice that extra belly fat creep in. You wake up one day and when you try to shine in your favorite outfit, your lower belly pooch vehemently stops you. That is when you start thinking of losing it.

To solve your problems, you will need both a good diet and focused exercises. But let’s focus on the exercise. The goal of the workout is not only to burn the fat but also sculpting of the abdominal muscles (abs). Here are the proven 7 exercise that will get you results:


Crunches are by far the best exercises to cut down belly fat. They work on the abs and give you a flat stomach within a couple of weeks.
To do them, lie on your back with your hands behind your head and knees flexed. Contract your abdominal muscles as you raise your head and chest.

Variations: side to side crunch, arm reaching crunch, leg-up touch crunch and cross arm crunch.


Yes, the good old sit-ups help to work on the lower abdominal muscles which will help you in toning. Combining crunches and situps ensures the abdominal muscles are worked on evenly. Of course you know how situps are done so go ahead and incorporate them in your workout.

3.Oblique Burners

Besides the rectus abdominis (the six-pack muscle) you have two layers of oblique abdominis muscles. They cover most of your abdomen from the sides and fuse at the front. Standing erect and stretching side to side works on them. There are several variations of this exercise that you can pick from.

4.Reverse Crunches

The other amazingly effective workout is the reverse crunch. Here, you lie flat on the floor, cross your feet and lift them up, letting knees form 90 degrees and then contract your abs as you lift your head and chest up.

Another popular variation of this exercise is the vertical leg crunch where the legs are lifted straight up and crunches done.


Perhaps what most people don’t know is that planks are quite effective too at getting a flat tummy. You can opt for the side planks where you lay on your right side with forearm under the shoulder and lift your body to a straight position. The legs are stacked and the left hand rests on the hip. Keep your abs tight and dip your hip severally. Switch sides and repeat. An alternative is rolling planks.

6.Alternating Curls

Another exercise that will help flatten your belly is the alternating curl. Here, you lie on your back; hands behind your head and knees flexed and then lift your head and chest up towards alternating knees.

7.Cardio Exercises

The last and equally important exercise in your bid to lose your lower belly pooch is some good cardio workout. It helps to burn down calories and consequently fats. You can choose to do jumping rope, running, walking, jogging, cycling or whatever workout that gets your heart pumping.

To get rid of that extra belly fat, you will need to stick to a workout routine and the above 7 exercises will give you results within no time. Get working.