Traditional core exercises, like crunches or bicycle, are nice for sculpting your higher abdominals and obliques. however they barely bit those vexing lower abs, creating toning this bother spot quite an challenge for many folks.

Before you go to any extent further, you’ll wish to create certain you’ve got a classic plank position perfect, since several of those moves are based mostly off it. To plank utterly, Stokes instructs: prop yourself to fait your feet and forearms, shoulders rolling down your back, squeeze the butt cheeks, drawing the navel in powerfully. use caution to not arch your back—your whole trunk ought to keep in an exceedingly line. Got it? Time to whip your tummy into bikini-body form.

Plank Row

Get into a plank position with a heavier-than-air craft below every foot. If you don’t have gliders, you’ll be able to use paper plates or towels, Stokes says. Hold the plank, move on the gliders, and slide legs out behind you, maintaining the plank position. Your arms can extend as you slide your body back. Then, pull your body back to the beginning position. Keep a straight plank cause the whole time. make certain you’re pushing and actuation as so much as you’ll be able to, obtaining the maximum amount vary as attainable. Do 10-15 forward and backs (counting forward and back as one) or for thirty seconds.


Get into associate degree extended arm plank, propped au fait your hands with hands directly below your shoulders, feet hip-width apart. move on the gliders and slowly pull the knees in so that they present itself four inches before of your hips. Then, bar to beginning plank position, keeping the core tight the whole time, drawing the navel in. Do for 30-45 seconds, or 10-15 reps. you ought to be moving terribly slowly to urge the foremost out of every move, Stokes says.

One-Legged climber

Start in an exceedingly plank position along with your right knee force into your chest. Keep the proper knee utterly stable thus you’ve got a continuing contraction on it facet. Then, slide the left knee in and back, maintaining the peak of your hips. Do 10-15, then switch and do a similar on the opposite facet.

In this move, your paries is contractile on one facet by holding the knee in tight and therefore the different facet is additional active thus either side are operating. “They’re laborious,” Stokes admits. “It’s additional regarding the standard of your movement than essentially the amount,” thus begin out with less if that’s what it takes to try and do them properly.

Army Crawl

Get down into a plank position, squeeze your butt, with a heavier-than-air craft below every foot, on the sting of your mat. victimization your forearms, crawl forward regarding 5 steps, till your gliders hit the tip of the mat, so crawl back. make certain to carry the plank position and keep legs straight and hips stable. do that 3-5 times, reckoning forward and back joined full rep.


This exercise may be a nice normal move to stay reachable that lengthens and takes pressure off the lower back, that ab workouts tend to strain. “A basic c-curve is incredibly therapeutic when the glide work, thus it is sensible to try and do this in conjunction with the glide work,” Stokes notes.

To get into position, initial sit on the ground on your tailbone, as if you’re close to lower back to a tummy crunch position, with a ball (you will sub a T-shirt or pillow, too) squeezed tightly between your thighs. “When you hold one thing [here] and squeeze, you interact the inner thigh that works additional through the low abdomen,” Stokes says. Rest on your elbows and make certain to keep up that height throughout. Arch your back to alittle stretch, tuck the tailbone and drive the low backtrack. choose your elbows up and hold onto the backs of your thighs. Keep shoulders down, chin open, and elbows wide. this is often the c-curve position.

Hip Tips

Lay flat on your back, legs straight up within the air at a 90-degree angle. Place a ball mediate the inner thighs, hands relaxed right down to the facet. As you press in on the ball, tip the hips up. It’s a refined movement: use caution to not rock your hips, simply tip them up slightly, initiating all movement from your lower abdomen. Crunch in and tip the hips, unharness halfway, repeat. Progress it by holding weights in your hands. Do 15-20 controlled reps.


Start along with your body sprawly out on the ground in associate degree X, “like you appear as if you’re dead,” Stokes jokes, holding a weight in every hand. If it’s too serious, you’ll be able to additionally do while not weights, however they’ll provide you with some further chest and shoulder work. elevate your manus and produce the burden towards your right shin, lifting your trunk and keeping your belly force into your spine, till you roll all the high to equalization on your tailbone. you’ll be able to return up onto your elbow a small amount to create it a bit easier—don’t use it as a crutch, however as a guide.