You can work 28 hours a day to lose inches and pounds, only to remain with the same measurements! If that happens, you feel like you just … did nothing, … like you were doing something similar to herding cats.

Generally, losing weight without also losing pounds means almost nothing. Why? Because you’ll still just look the same.

Hands up if you want to lose both. Okay, here are the most flawless moves to take for that.

1. Take Short, Intense Workouts

So you thought short but intense workouts can’t blast fat? Think again.

In only a matter of minutes, you will be done with HIIT. I think that even motivates you to do it a next time. It guarantees loss if both pounds and inches. Experts knows it better as they have always proved it again and again.

2. Make Proper Use Of Cardio

Aim to do cardio, at least thrice every week. As you do it for longer, aim for longer periods too. You can strat with 20 minutes each day for three days, then go for 25 minutes each day for 4 days and so on.

Cardio is another sure way of burning calories and sculpting your belly for loss of weight and inches respectively.

3. Do Resistance Training

Resistance training develops muscles under fat. These muscles applies pressure to the fat and creates an illusion of a thinner circumference. However, that is not the only way resistance training works. It also ups our heart rate to raise the rate of metabolism, which also leads to fat burning. Consequently, shall lose weight and inches.

4. Create A Caloric Deficit From What You Eat First

I guess this should even go without a say. A caloric deficit is meant for weight loss all over the body. If coupled up with some little fat-burning workouts, the best outcome is realized.

5. Consult Your Doctor

It is usually easier to lose weight alone, than lose it along inches. Sometimes, you may find that your circumference is brought about by a disease. In that case, a doctor must be included for a better understanding of what you should do.

6. Sculpt Your Belly

In order to lose inches, you’ve got to tone your belly. I know of so many workouts that can help you lose that belly bulge. Venture mostly on the core exercises and you will thank me later.

7. Consistency Matters

You’re doing something to lose pounds and inches but unfortunately, you hit a surrender block. That’s sad. But what else will you do? Will you stay with the pounds and bulk? Of course not.

Even if you have to train with a friend who has the same goal, just do it for the sake of motivation.

8. Don’t Take Alcohol Again!

I hope you have also noticed the size of belly owned by those who can’t skip a week without alcohol. It all comes from the high number of calories they take along with the alcohol. If you certainly want to lose weight and inches on your belly, avoiding alcohol is another godsend option.

9. You’re Not Too Busy

You might think that the time you can give to exercises is too little for losing both inches and pounds. No!

The little time you have, say 6 minutes, can be used to lose BOTH pounds and inches! The high intensity interval training takes care of that. If it doesn’t, nothing will hands down.

10. Monitor Your Progress

This is often ignored by most people. You want to lose weight alongside inches but you don’t consider measuring what you have achieved? You are going the wrong direction. Ask how and get the answer below.

You are losing two things simultaneously and there must be a limit. In that case, there must be a measurement arrangement so that you don’t exceed the recommended limit. Likewise, it is motivating to know that indeed you are making some positive progress.

You got it? Certainly! Do something about it then.


Do ONLY what is always safe for you, even if it will cost you consulting your doctor in advance. Meanwhile, good luck pals!! Enjoy your time there.