Lions. Presqu’île appea*****t project: residents and merchants are disturbed


The project is not convincing

By signing a letter on February 8, addressed to various elected officials including the mayor and president of the Métropole de Lyon, 17 associations of shopkeepers and residents oppose the closure of Rue Grenette to cars, pedestrians to Rue République and the transfer of buses to the docks of the Saône, which has been curtailed Really down to single track on Quai Saint-Antoine. They were received by environmentalists after the press conference on Friday, March 10, but they do not differ in their views. bear witness to this Joanna Benedetti, President of Carré Roman “Neighborhood councils support us. We were dumbfounded. We realized there was no referendum. It’s a deterioration in mobility, cleanliness and safety. There are no fully pedestrianized areas without scooters or bicycles. When we come out, we’ll have a project that is not up to the challenge of global warming,” Revegetation will not be compatible due to the technical limitations of the avenue de la …


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