“League of Legends”: LFL, screened abroad


The online fans, the packed rooms, the level of play, the potential investors… The French league of the “League of Legends”, the LFL, remains as attractive as ever.

The rooms are filled, like the Seine Music near Paris, in February. Rivalry between popular structures that generate a warm atmosphere. The fans are always there, and the distribution is attractive. The LFL, the French championship for league of legendss, is one of the most attractive domestic leagues in the world. Definitely even the most attractive of all.

In any case, it is attracting the attention of foreigners and European players who are willing to take part in this phenomenon. As the winter season comes to an end on March 31, the crowd is still loud. Audiences that have increased eightfold since 2019, to an average of 42,000 views per minute, over the course of the 2022 season (53m total over the entire season).

franceinfo: Laure Valée, esports consultant at franceinfo, reminds us why the LFL’s success continues unabated year after year?

Laura Valley: It is first and foremost a success that does not date back to yesterday. France is one of the most developed countries in Europe league of legends, And we have many players who have marked the history of this game over the years. Players who have exported themselves, who have played internationally, in North America. Players who participated in the World Championship Finals.

France is a country capable of producing and developing great players. The Ligue 1 has also been commented on, for about ten years, by the same people, the same enthusiasts who keep it going league of legends In France, which is very popular, which contributed to the success of the game in our country. And there is the recent arrival of Karmine Corp, which has been teasing esports in France for three years. She won a lot (Three European titles, editor’s note) and gave birth to a new way of experiencing esports.

So there is a very strong enthusiasm from the community for league of legends in France. A trend that is growing with hugely popular personalities, influencers, who are investing and bringing in new audiences?

Yes, we are at a time when streamers – live streamers on Twitch – are very interested in esports. Today’s esports are no longer driven by big teams and big structures. We have people who want to be at the origins of creating esports teams.

Karmine Corp. pioneered precisely that, and was the prime example. It is interesting to note that today foreign influencers are starting to take an interest in the French League.

Such is the case of North American xQc, one of the world’s largest streamers on the Twitch platform (11.7 million subscribers, editor’s note). He recently indicated his desire to have a team that he sees developing in the Women’s Football League, because according to him, it is the most attractive league, both in terms of vision and in terms of level.


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