So what are the lazy ways to lose weight.To be honest, I am one of those who’d like to do some task only when it must be done. Stretching for the remote, walking for a nature call, actually doing some LIGHT WORKOUTS to keep me going and many many more are some of the things I’d love to make me move. Most humans are like me too. Thy don’t really want to work so hard. I mean this… Read on.

I know that with no venture, gain shouldn’t be expected too. But we have to trust our odds, don’t we? Doing so many and rigorous exercises for long to lose belly bulge makes no sense pals. Yes! There’s another way out: losing the same big belly bulge just lazily! You don’t believe? I love skepticism, but i promise that at the end of this piece, you will like the new surprising news i had today. Lets head straight for the list;

1. Before A Mosh, Take A Glass Of Water

Are you actually hungry or thirsty? Maybe you aren’t sure.

A study revealed that most people do not know how to spot the difference between hunger and thirst. So? Before you snack on anything, make sure you take some water, maybe the feeling was thirst, not hunger that will lead you to consuming a lot of unhealthy fat or calories which are poisonous to our goal of losing that belly bulge.

2. Simply Jog Around Every Morning

You won’t complain about just jogging however lazy you be. After all, it is almost a basic need (as if!). Find some time, around 10 minutes and go round your compound twice daily. Do it before taking anything. That will make sure that the body uses fat reserves as source of energy.

3. Eat Proteins Habitually

Proteins are known of their satiation effect. It therefore defers hunger, or simply gives you time and eradicates the haste you usually have while hungry. That helps you control the amounts of unhealthy fat you take in.

4. Settle Down For Food

This should be a habit. I hope it is. You should eat when eating. I mean, no other business. That way, you are able to chew food properly to allow for good digestion so that there isn’t bloating that causes big belly bulge. Also, you can see the right food the doctor told you to eat most.

5. Obey Scientists’ Lower Limit For Water Intake

I hope it’s 8 glasses a day. Mine is 9, what about yours?

Water prevents bloating, improves digestion and most importantly makes you feel satisfied so that you don’t just peck any calorie around you.

6. Lose Weight Overnight…

… while sleeping of course! Sleeping helps those who do exercise to recover and recollect well. To us, the lazy ones, we are also sleeping to prevent the production of ghrelin hormone that causes hunger. Stull with me? Lets move on together.

7. Alcohol Isn’t Good At All

Loaded with surprisingly numerous calories, alcohol doesn’t let us do anything in a sane manner. We can’t do anything in this list properly if we are drunk. So just leave that alcohol alone. It will kill your dream.

8. Tune Into Comedy Shows

… For laughter. A study by the International Journal Of Obesity had it published on their journal that a genuine belly laugh causes an increase on basal metabolic rate by 15% on average. That is a good change that consequently leads to loss of 40 calories in 10 minutes! Don’t be mean with laughing.

9. Put On Jeans

Go casual. Leave that suit home for today. The high heels, leave them too this Friday.

The American Council studied some group of individuals, some of wgo put on casual clothes to qork and some official clothes. Their results revealed that those who went casual walked an additional 491 steps than their colleagues. That is the sense. Casual clothes makes you burn more fat and calories in a chain of occurrences hence losing that big belly bulge gradually and steadily.

10. Watch Your Gums

The gums that you chew are the ones I’m referring to here. Leave alone the rest.

Most of the sugarless chewing gums are made of sorbitol, an alcohol that takes too long to digest. It also attracts bacteria to stay around it and thus causes bloating. Did you know that? You now know. As if that isn’t enough, it also sends signals to the brain, signals that trigger hunger. That’s dangerous.


I proved it. It’s possible, isn’t it? So you believe you can lose that big belly bulge lazily? I bet you now do. If you loved it, also join the other millions whose bellies became flat with only some of those simple tips. Best of luck!