Juliette Armani’s concert at the Accor Arena has been halted, and the audience has been temporarily evacuated


The first was on Friday evening for singer Juliette Armani. His concert was broadcast live on Canal+ but viewers were left with one final little surprise. At about 10:30 pm, the alarm clock suddenly interrupted the performance and messages called on spectators at the site to use the emergency exits.

“It’s scary,” testifies on Twitter Youtuber Léa Camilleri as several journalists share videos of the eviction. The surprised spectators could hardly understand what was happening in the huge Parisian concert hall. Many took the trend out without really knowing the reason for the break only in times of traditional reminders of the “Last Day Disco” subtitler.

Reverse messages were quickly broadcast into the room that had not been completely emptied and the concert was able to resume, according to various testimonies on social networks. However, some viewers left for good before hearing the recovery message.

Upon contact, the Accor Arena management had not responded to our requests as of the time of this writing.


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