Interview- Xavier Polycarp, The Voice nominee: “I spent evenings with Johnny and Leticia Halliday”


Xavier Polycarp under pressure: this Saturday 18 March 2023 he will perform in front of my coach the soundAnd Amal Bint, Bigflo, Oli, Fyani, and Zazi. This talent, who has been singing for 20 years and who was part of the Gosh group, wants to reinvent herself by participating in the competition. A true challenge for this rocker who has already had the chance to sing with the greatest, including Johnny Hallyday… Interview.

I’ve already worked in the music business with the Gush group. What prompted you to embark on such an adventure? the sound ?

The production came up to me and persuaded me to take part in the show. Me, I didn’t have a very good image for TV hooks because you don’t necessarily control your image and you can also be manipulated into certain things. Finally I realized it the sound Really respect the identity of the artists and there was a lot of freedom.

“I have no room for error in blind tests”

Your participation in the sound It also coincides with the launch of your solo career…

Yes, I will be releasing my first solo record in early May and my first EP in June. So it makes perfect sense to participate in the sound Now because I needed to defend my music without compromise.

I actually had success and did several scenes with Gush. Are you afraid of facing failure? the sound ?

There are fears because I am throwing myself into the water. And other talents are much younger than me. They are 20 years old and therefore have a chance to recover if they fail. I also have a lot of pressure compared to everything I’ve been able to do before, whether it shows Taratata where is the Music wins direct. I have no room for error in blind tests.

Johnny was very instinctive.

What other musical experiences have you had before?

I did the first part of the concert Johnny Hallyday At the Stade de France in 2012. I met him with my two gosh groups thanks to Mathieu Chedid. At the time, he was doing a record with Johnny in Australia and suggested my brother, who was Ghosh’s drummer, to take part in the recording. Johnny met my brother and then came to see us at a club in Los Angeles when we were on tour. There he was, in the front row, incognito at the pub. After that, he invited us to his house and we spent the evenings with him and Leticia. We ate together, made music, and sang The Beatles. Johnny was very happy.

What advice did he give you?

Johnny was a bit disconnected but also instinctive. And this is what he passed on to me. It was great being able to meet him. I am very grateful to him for opening doors for me.


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