Injury threatens Chivontec before Miami


Los Angeles (dpa/Stats Perform)

There are doubts about the participation of Polish world number one Iga Schvontec in the campaign to defend the Miami Open tennis title, after suffering a rib injury during her loss in the golden square of the Indian Wells Championship.

Chivontec was defeated by Kazakh Wimbledon champion Yelena Rybakina, in the golden square of Indian Wells, 6/2, 6/2, coinciding with a physical problem.
Rybakina, 25, achieved her third consecutive victory against Chivontec, 21, since last December, and qualified for the final for the second time this season.
It is not yet clear the extent of the injury that Chivontec suffers from, but she will undergo medical examinations in the coming days, to find out her fate from participating in the Miami Championship.



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