Information About Numerology Revealed

So you would like to learn more and find out more information about numerology? Read on and enjoy my article.

Numerology is a belief that there is a relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things, in other words, the study of numbers in which they may reflect character tendencies as part of the cosmic plan. Numerology has often been associated with the occult and astrology and other divinatory arts.

information about numerology

When numbers are used can show a great deal about a person, their character, and their purpose in life, what motives are influencing them and where their talents may lie. The numbers also tell what motivates the person and experts in numerology use numbers to determine the best times to do things such as make a large move, change jobs, and other things that can affect a person’s life. With these numbers readings are done and written on a chart to compile a reading. Numerologists believe everything relates to numbers, and even abstract concepts can be converted to numbers and these numbers have specific meanings. Using any word or name a number value can be found and this reflects the hidden meaning.


History of Numerology


The Greek mathematician Pythagoras who lived 569-470 B.C. has been credited with what today has become the study of numerology, however, there is another school of thought about this as the Hebrew Kabbala predates Ptrhagoras who is known as the father of numerology; he lived in Southern Greece where he taught and studied mathematics. One of the things that is known for certain about this man is that his teachings lead to a religious movement that was named Pythagorism that would spread throughout the Roman Empire. He believed that mathematics creates order out of chaos, and this is one of the principals that formed numerology.

Through history as numerology is a very old technique there have been different methods of reading numbers that date back thousands of years, there is proof of this in several different societies, China, Egypt, Greece and Rome. The early numerology readings were done orally as it was believed that this method of looking into persons live was a very powerful and sacred thing to have done.

The teachings of Pythagoras were later taken up by Plato and were found that they reinforced the writings of the Jewish Cabala. There was continued interest in numerology by Christian scholars such as St. Augustine, which led to the widespread use of numerology during the Renaissance period and numerology was as widely accepted by scholars as to the common man as it was used.


How To Find and Read a Person’s Numbers


Now that each of the number meaning has been discussed the next thing that a person will need to know is how you read these numbers and there are many ways that this can be done just as with other types of divination.

Readings are done with the use of your name and your birth date, these numbers are combined in many ways in order to have a finished reading that will give the numerologist a look into the path a person’s life is taking and can then be related to them. They will find what are key numbers that can then give them your personal characteristics.

By knowing this a person can then use focus on their strengths using them to obtain the things in life that they have set goals to accomplish. Thanks for taking the time to read my information about numerology.

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