Inflation: High rates of shoplifting



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Inflation: High rates of shoplifting

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As the purchasing power of inflation erodes, shoplifting in supermarkets is on the rise. The question of hiring a security guard may arise.

It’s almost a daily exercise. The manager of this medium-sized shop located in Chagny in Saône-et-Loire checks the shelves for stolen product packaging. “With what’s going on right now, people are obviously trying everything.”Alexis Herbin, store manager, explains. Not to mention those that were directly addressed on the spot: “Someone got drunk, left the can there, it’s robbery to me”he adds.

Damages from 10,000 to 15,000 euros annually

with inflation, Shoplifting increase by 14%. The majority of customers are not in favor, but these practices do not really surprise them. “If people are really in financial trouble and they can’t eat properly, we can understand that.”Comments from a customer. And the characteristics of thieves are very diverse “Old people, young people, high school students and active people”, lists Alexis Herbin who has installed an additional twenty CCTV cameras. This supermarket loses between 10,000 and 15,000 euros every year. If the increase continues, the manager does not rule out the use of a security guard.


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