In the event of dissolution, the National Front will not field candidates against LRs who would vote for a motion of censure


C8 National Assembly President Jordan Bardella on Friday called on LR MPs to “have the courage to resist pressure and micronism”.

Very clear foot appeal to the right. National Assembly President Jordan Bardella announced on Friday at C8 that if the National Assembly were to dissolve, his party would not field candidates in constituencies in which LR MPs voted on a motion to censure the government next. His use of 49.3 to push pension reform.

“All opposition movements must place the interest of the French (…) over the interest of the political parties,” he said.

He added, “I know there are a lot of people in Republicans who waver.” MEPs called on parliamentarians from left to right to “have the courage to resist pressure and exaggeration”.

“Stop sectarianism”

Bardella declared that “in the event of a dissolution of the National Assembly, the National Caucus will not field candidates in constituencies as Representative Republicans will vote with us in favor of a motion of censure.”

He said, “I’m not buying votes, I’m saying let’s stop the bigotry.”

Any motion of censure will force the government to resign, Which could lead to an exact copy of Emmanuel Macron With the dissolution of the National Assembly, as Charles de Gaulle did it in 1962. according to Charts for FigaroOf the 31 duels between an LR candidate and an RN candidate in the second round of legislative elections in 2022, only one RN candidate won.

LR basic sounds

Two censure proposals were introduced on Friday in a bid to topple the government, the day after it decided to use 49.3 to push through a hotly contested pension reform. One RN group provided, while Lewt’s group introduced a “cross-partisan” motion of censure involving elected officials from Nobis. The latter is likely to be voted on by right-wing MPs who are not in favor of pension reform.

Representative RN Laure Lavalette explained on Friday That group will vote “all motions of censure submitted.” The uncertainty mainly concerns the votes of the LRs, Necessary to pass the movement. “We will not support any motion of censure and we will not vote on any motion of censure,” party chairman Eric Ciotti said on Thursday. However, few of the right-wing MPs have They announced that they would like to vote on a proposal.


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