In Lyon, three exhibitions dedicated to Ukraine on the theme of war, exile and solidarity


It is a unique exhibition that can be discovered through a journey through three town halls in the Lyon region. Consisting of three distinct sections, Ukraine: War and Exile addresses the aftermath of the war from the point of view of exile and reception as well as solidarity. Discover through May 27.

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Photo exhibition of the displaced in Lyon (France 3)

More than a year has passed since then The war in Ukraine seem. A very sad memory Athar Network would like to commemorate with Ukraine: War and Exile. This exhibition of documentary photos It is the result of close work between photographers, NGOs and refugee aid associations in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region who have been involved together since the beginning of the conflict in February 2022 in documenting this mutual aid.

The first part was inaugurated on March 7 at the Town Hall in the 1st arrondis*****t of Lyon. In this exhibition entitled displaced, Footage was filmed of about twenty homeless families, staying with local residents, in accommodation centers or elsewhere around the region, in Bourg-en-Bresse, Clermont-Ferrand, Annecy or Grenoble. These colorful paintings of the great humanist are signed by Mélania Avanzato.The series is called The Displaced, not for nothing. We preferred that to refugees because it is a term that has a lot of connotations. The violence of the situations is often accompanied by the violence of the images. When we went to photograph these families, there was already tension and trauma, but they were set somewhere and there was also some calm. says the photographer.

Exhibition War in Ukraine and Exile
France 3 Rhone-Alps S. Méallier / C. Cherry-Pellat / J. Le Garroy

War, Exile and Solidarity, a trilogy in three halls in Lyon

The commitment of French NGOs in Ukraine will be the subject of the second part of this trilogy. From April 12th until May 5th, the town hall in Lyon’s 3rd arrondis*****t will reveal photos Paloma Laudet, Volodymyr Yefimov, Oleksiy Filippov, Philippe Merchez and Pierre Rabe. Many photographers who have followed in the field the work of many humanitarian associations such as Bioport Logistique or Handicap International.

Then the trip will end from May 11 at the Town Hall in the 4th arrondis*****t with this series of 34 shots taken since the beginning of the war by 8 Ukrainian photographers as part of the Odessa Days Photo Festival. Since the cancellation of the eighth edition of this international festival of contemporary photography due to Russia’s all-out war against Ukraine, the entire team is now working to raise awareness around the world about the events taking place in Ukraine. affected.

These three exhibitions are held in Lyon city halls in the 1st, 3rd and 4th arrondis*****ts until May 31 on the theme of Ukraine and exile.


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