In Italy, Giorgia Meloni gives the go-ahead for the construction of the Holocaust Museum in Rome


The announcement that a Holocaust museum will be built in Rome over the next three years comes a week after the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Alberto Pezzoli, AFP

The institution should see the light of day in three years, not far from the garden of Villa Torlonia, which was Mussolini’s residence. The Italian capital was the scene of the rounding up of Jews in 1943.

Theater A Tour of the Jews In October 1943, Rome It will be her museum at the end Holocaustto the far-right government Georgia Meloni He gave the go-ahead Thursday evening. Italy, through Foundation for the National Holocaust Museum in RomeYou want Contribute to keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive and presentThe government made it clear in a press statement published at the conclusion of the last session of the Council of Ministers. The announcement comes a week after I visited Rome Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Italian Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangioliano, announced at the close of the Council of Ministers the release of ten million euros. “To begin to realize them in our capital” The Holocaust Museum indeed Present in all major capitals in Europe. But it took a quarter of a century to materialize in Italy. Very symbolically, the museum will be built on land adjacent to the garden of Villa Torlonia, which was the residence of the fascist dictator. Benito Mussoliniin power from 1922 to 1943.

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Like other European capitals

The Jewish community in Rome welcomed the announcement, and its president, Ruth Dorigello, called in a press release to “Choices that can be made in a short time to ensure that the capital of Italy has a museum like all major European capitalsThe Holocaust Museum will have to do thatTo be an instrument of education in democracy, in pluralism (…) because unfortunately we see that the things we considered acquired and as final conquests are notThe architect in charge of the project, Luca Zevi, told AFP on Friday that the museum should see the three yearsto the extreme.

contractor The extermination of European Jews Led by Hitler’s Germany At least six million victims, also affected Rome, where there was one of the oldest Jewish communities in Europe. On October 16, 1943, German forces supported by civil servants from the Fascist regime raided the old ghetto in Rome. 1,023 Jews were deported In the Auschwitz extermination camp. Giorgia Meloni celebrated last year this year “Tragic day” tribute to the victims “Nazi-Fascist Fury” . Senate President and Controversial Co-Founder Fratelli d’ItaliaIgnacio La Russa, also mentioned”One of the darkest pages of our historyAnd they expressed the occasion “sincere support” for the Jewish community.

there Persecution of the Jews in Italy No direct action by the Nazi forces was expected. Under his regime, Mussolini in 1938 adopted a set of “racial lawsThis anti-Semitic legislation created a whole gamut of discrimination against Jews: banning access to public service jobs, excluding Jewish children from public schools, and banning marriage to Italians.



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