Imran Khan News Live Updates: A police team entered Imran Khan’s house in Lahore and expressed his fear of being killed


Imran Khan News Updates: There is a huge buzz in Pakistan regarding Imran Khan. As soon as the former prime minister left for Islamabad to appear in court, the police stormed the house in Lahore. The bulldozer was driven here. Breaking the wall According to unconfirmed reports, the police also opened fire to repel the movement’s supporters here. Read the live updates and watch the video below

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Imran Khan news updates

Violent clashes broke out between PTI workers and the police outside Imran Khan’s house. Also, a large number of policemen were wounded. Activists have been arrested.

Meanwhile, PTI has expressed fears that Imran Khan may be assassinated. At the same time, a state of emergency has been imposed in many areas of Islamabad.

Imran Khan left for Islamabad today to appear in a local court in the Tushakhana case. Meanwhile, police officers entered his home in Lahore.

PTI workers described this action as an attack on Imran Khan’s house. His wife, Bushra Begum, was alone when the police entered. Imran Khan posted the video saying that there is a plot to arrest him so that he cannot contest the elections.

According to Pakistani media, the former prime minister is accompanied by a convoy of his party’s workers. Tight security arrangements have been made outside the Group 11 Judicial Complex in Islamabad, where Imran is expected to arrive.

Police today entered Imran Khan’s residence in Lahore after being held up for several days by PTI workers, reports Dawn. A fight started here after a scuffle between police and PTI workers. According to a TV channel, the police also broke down the door of Khan’s house.

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