“I’m back!”: Trump, arrested in 2021, published on Facebook and YouTube for the first time


His words were met with thousands of comments, including many with “glad to see you again” and “what a relief to have your support Mr. President”. I’m back! Former US President Donald Trump, who is seeking a second term in 2024, wrote on Friday. in Facebook and YouTube. This is my first post since it was banned some time ago. More than two years after the attack on the Capitol.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, it was complicated,” he said in a short CNN video accompanying his message, which appears to date back to the night of his election in 2016. Donald Trump She has 34 million subscribers on Facebook and more than 2.6 million on YouTube. Earlier on Friday, the online video platform YouTube announced it was ending its suspension. Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, made a similar announcement in late January.

His channel is ‘no longer subject to restrictions’

As of today, the channel Donald Jr. Trump You are no longer subject to restrictions,” YouTube tweeted. The 76-year-old Republican was banned from mainstream social media in January 2021, while still in office, for encouraging his supporters during the attack on Congress in Washington.

On January 6 of that year, thousands of his supporters, convinced that the 2020 election was marred by fraud, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, attacked the Capitol in an effort to prevent Joe Biden’s election from being certified. The NGO Media Matters for America has strongly criticized Meta’s decision to allow the former president to use the tech giants’ vast communication potential.

Meta resolution is a green light to trump to promote toxic content on its platforms, which shows the company still prioritizes profit – and appea*****t of far-right figures – over public safety,” it said in a press release.

To justify its decision, YouTube said on Friday that it had assessed the “risk of violence” keeping in mind the importance of hearing, for voters, “equally from key national candidates.”

Re-listed on Twitter since November

In addition to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, Donald Trump was already reintroduced in November on Twitter by the new president Elon Musk. Until now, he’s mainly been communicating through his own platform, Truth Social.

By late Friday afternoon, he hadn’t posted on Instagram or Twitter, his former favorite platform with at least 87.4 million subscribers and which he used so avidly before.

In his last tweet dated January 8, 2021, the person who keeps repeating that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” from him, declared that he would not run for his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.


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