I swear. How to solve work difficulties


“With a favorable economic fabric, 17,000 companies in the Jura are facing difficulties.” About Raphael Godot, new president of Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises of Jura (CPME 39)they must show an escape from labor and the intense competition with Switzerland, but also very current questions: the issue of pensions, telework, which many would like to popularize, and the four days a week or even High energy costs. “The challenge is to provide answers on a case-by-case basis,” according to the union’s Jura chapter. To help companies with these changes, CPME relies not only on its network of partners, but also on its proximity to government.

Support about fifty Jura companies

The new president of CPME 39, who will succeed Christophe Thibaud in 2022, noted that in addition to defending interests, the goal of the federation is to ensure a link between business leaders in the department, but also with partners. According to him, some entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with administrative or administrative problems such as “how to part with an employee smoothly”.

“Our role is to support them and introduce them to the right people,” he explains. SME clubs step in regularly to allow meetings. In total, about fifty Jura companies accompany the guild, a number that tends to increase.


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