I Am That I Am Spiritual Meaning

‘I AM’ is an ancient, self-existent, and eternal phrase that has spiritual meaning to some. Members of the I AM movement consider themselves Christian and believe they receive regular messages from the Masters. These messages have inspired the teachings of the I AM movement. Listed below are a few of the teachings attributed to ‘I AM.’ Read on to learn more. In this article, we’ll examine the meanings behind ‘I AM.’


‘I AM’ is self-existent


The phrase ‘I AM’ refers to the Self-Existent One who created the world and all life on it. This ‘I AM’ was revealed to Moses in Exodus chapter three and explains to him what He is. As God, He sees and hears everything. He created the world and all life upon it, and He is with Moses, helping him to deliver His people from the suffering of their land into a prosperous one.

The name ‘I AM’ embodies the concept of eternality, immutability, and aseity. This means that God is eternal and unchanging, and therefore does not have a beginning or an end. This is why we have a concept of God that is eternal and never-changing, such as “I AM”.




The Greek word for eternal is aionios, and it means perpetual, age-long, unending, and continuous. In this translation, it includes the character of lasting an age, which contrasts with the brevity and fleeting nature of our human lives. For believers, eternal life exists now and not in the future. By identifying the presence of the Spirit with God, the personified Christ is eternal, and the eternal life we will have with God will be the eternal life that we seek.




In the Christian tradition, there is a distinct difference between the self-directed spiritual journey and a spiritual direction. Self-directed spiritual journeys can be considered as more complex, sophisticated, and challenging. Before embarking on a self-directed journey, you must understand the basics of Christian disciplines. Knowing what you are trying to accomplish will make the director’s explanations much easier to understand. While a spiritual director cannot give you specific advice, he or she can guide you in discernment of God’s will and direction.

Many people believe that spiritual direction is only for the highly mystical. Today, however, spiritual direction is popular among people of all faiths and vocations, thanks to the Church’s emphasis on a universal call to holiness following the Second Vatican Council. The problem is that a good spiritual director is difficult to find, and sometimes people don’t know when to seek it. Having a spiritual director is beneficial for those who wish to learn how to become more open and authentic in their lives, but do not know how to seek it.




The unchanging spiritual meaning of life relates to the fact that our spirit never changes. After the physical life, our spirit continues to grow and evolve in its spiritual nature. While many spirits continue to evolve in this world, others remain steadfast in their nature. For example, the soul, an immaterial part of the human body, is considered eternal and will not change. In fact, it consists of a mixture of matter and antimatter. It is therefore a complex biological machine.

Regardless of human behavior or circumstances, the eternal nature of God does not change. God’s attributes and characteristics remain the same for all eternity. He never adds or subtracts any qualities, thus being “immutable.”

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