Have you ever thought of how to tighten skin after weight loss.After long days of yoga, planks, squats, … blah blah blah…, you have lost the desired amount of weight. That’s good. However, here comes a problem when now your skin now sags. Why? It had stretched, but you have suddenly taken away the mass it had been covering under it~ the extra fats that you lost, especially when you lost it rapidly, or lost too much weight. But all in all, it all depends on your skin elasticity. If you lost that weight faster, your skin doesn’t get enough time to “recover’ from that sag.

It neither feels nor look good to have such a skin, does it? No! It can as well go a mile further to cause you diseases through chaffing. So? I want to help you with tricks to reduce that sag of your skin. Here they are;

1. Stay Hydrated By Drinking A Lot Of Water

Keep up to the conventional health requirement to take 2 litres of water each day. I know it might be difficult. You can enhance it by always carrying a bottle of water with you wherever you lead to. You can also feed on foods like fresh vegetables to provide you with water too.

Water has been proved to cause an effect of elasticity in the skin. Apart from just that, it also keeps your skin nourished and very healthy.

2. Stop Smoking

Though there are already enough reasons to keep you away from smoking, let me add another: it ruins your skin pals.

Studies have always proved it that smokers usually look older that they really are, because of a wrinkled skin. So smoking will hinder your skin’s ability to snap back to tight.

3. Add Strength Training To You Workout Regime

Strength training helps you build muscles. Muscles are good. They form another layer under your skin and that tightens the skin again. That is easy to understand.

4. Be Patient If You Prefer Natural Tightening

The skin usually needs more time to tighten back. That is even why those who have used methods that helps you lose weight faster are usually sure they’ll get a sagged skin. So being patient to give the body time to recover is also good. If you are patient, that’s the most ideal way to go.

5. Balance Your Diet With Proteins

Research can prove that proteins promotes skin health and skin youthfulness. Less proteins will lead to a poor skin health. More proteins on the other hand reduces skin wrinkles, skin dryness and skin atrophy.

6. If You Haven’t Lost Much Weight, Consider Losing Subsequent Weight At A Lower Pace

Good things come gradually and that’s why you should aim at losing only around 1.5 pounds of fat every week. That gives the skin time to adjust itself to the new body size. As well, I recommend that you do some weight training to replace some of the lost fat.

7. Consider Surgery In Extreme Cases

Surgery is another way of doing away with a sagged skin. However, it should only be considered when there is no more alternative. It should be the last option as most people who opt for it usually experience problems of fat gain later.


Now you have a complete plan on how to tighten skin after weight loss.These methods are super sure. So whether you have a kangaroo pouch or an orangutan chin, or any other, as you may call it, you can still recover using these tips. However, my advise is that you consider preventing than curing. Good luck!