How to lose weight without losing muscles is an often said thing than done. Why? Because people perceive losing weight differently.

You see, I can as well cut off my hand and lose weight, can’t I? But that’s not the case. What we need to know is that the body can lose weight through many ways; it can burn fat, or burn muscles, and/or calories. But since we are prudent people, we have created a calorie deficit in our bodies as that is the first thing when we want to lose weight (I’ll explain it further). But since we want to keep our muscle mass too, we won’t give a crap about the body burning it! So if we want to lose weight without losing muscles, the basic thing we need to do is to restrict the body to burning fat and creating a calorie deficit within our body. Imagine that’s all and we won’t lose our pretty muscles. But, you should also know that it is not a mere walk in the park pals. You need to be more than careful.

With this piece at hand, you are on the safe side. I can venture to say that you will only leave this piece (after reading between the lines) with the just information on how to lose weight without losing your pretty hard-earned muscles. This is a godsend article. Lets go through it.

1. Maintain ONLY A Sustainable Calorie Deficit

We all agree that losing weight starts with burning more calories than you eat. So the greater the deficit, the more weight you lose… Be careful!

Don’t create a too large deficit folk. Your metabolism will cripple as a result and trust me, your body will burn fat alongside muscles for energy! Create a sustainable calorie deficit, relative to the amount of exercise you do. You can consult your doctor for the apt amounts.

2. Keep Your Protein Intake On The Higher End

Studies, as well as real-time experiences have proved that proteins are essentially needed for building a good mass of muscles. Millions of people who build muscles do take in more proteins and their muscles build the way they really want it.

But, even when you goal is keeping the muscles you already have, you should take in more proteins. That way, you’ll be safe by being muscle-sparing. So you won’t lose the mass you already have and you might end up building even more, as long as your strength training is still going on. That’s the sense.

3. Be Mindful Of The Weight You Are Lifting – Never Let It Go Low

There is a misconception that in order to lose fat, you should reduce the amount of weight you lift while increasing the number of reps. I called it a misconception, ignore it!

Maintaining or adding more to the amount of weight you have been lifting signals your body that you need to maintain or build more muscles respectively. Reducing it will signal the body otherwise ~ to burn those muscles for energy since it (the body) thinks you no longer need that muscle mass anymore.

4. Go Easy On Cardio

If you don’t know already, let me article you the fact that cardio never goes easy on calories.

I talked about the effects of taking away too much calories ~ creating an energy deficit to leave the body with no option than now burning fat and muscles. So I would advise you to either abandon it or reduce it (cardio) significantly to avoid such effects. Look at #5.

5. Snore Abundantly

You need to recover. After a long day of weightlifting and calorie restrictions the body needs time to recover while building the muscles you are looking for. That’s biological.

Depriving yourself of sleep will only interfere with the muscle building process. So sleep 8 hours a day as recommended by doctors.


Now you know how to lose weight without losing muscle.You certainly learned something above. Mmh? Losing weight with our muscles kept safe all boils down to following the right strategies. These strategies are the ones listed above. Now pick up your arsenals and start doing them right away! For me, all I can say is GOOD LUCK to you!