So how to lose weight without counting calories. Losing weight is one of the top concerns related to health care. Still, it definitely should catch more people’s attention among all age groups. Losing weight doesn’t mean you have to be a vegetarian. It is instead an ongoing healthy routine. That’s why you should start doing that already.

No matter you are looking to build a perfect body shape or get rid of overweight, or even maintain your healthy lifestyle. The topic of losing weight can vary in different ways, and here are three tips on how to lose weight without counting calories.

Tip No.1

The first tip is to avoid eating high trans fat food. It may include fried foods, margarine, snack foods, and baked goods. Sometimes it could be a really challenging task, but there is a strong reason to support it. The food items I mentioned above are all processed with high trans fat, yet they are the most commonly consumed foods.

Trans fat is bad for your health, which has nothing to do with calories, and it could lead to significant weight gain. Trans fat has been proven to induce weight gain, even if one does not keep up with enough calories in his diet. That’s why avoiding high trans fat could really help you lose weight, especially if you eat French fries, doughnuts, or store made baked foods very often.

Tip No.2

The second tip is to increase water intake. Typically, Drinking enough water helps losing weight by increase body resting metabolism. When the body is dehydrated, it is less effective for it to remove waste or digest. On the other hand, the body would very likely metabolize stored fat and carbohydrates while staying hydrated.

That’s why drinking enough water is healthy and burn body fat naturally. That is something that we shouldn’t neglect. It is suggested that adult men drink 3700 ml per day, and adult women drink 2700 ml per day. Even though not everyone does meet the recommendation, it is not hard to keep up with a healthy water daily intake.

Tip No.3

The third tip is to increase your daily exercise. As you already know, exercise is probably the most effective way to lose and control weight. Physical activities help you burn body fat and improve metabolism. Exercises such as swimming, running, and sports are all excellent ways to burn body fat quickly.

Yet, It doesn’t take intense or overwhelming exercise to lose weight as the ideal way. Walking is also a great exercise for weight loss for a good reason. You can make as little effort to easily starting walking and exercising on a more regular basis, which continually helps you lose weight.


We have gone through how to lose weight without counting calories. Losing weight has a lot of benefits, and it should probably fit into your daily routine. The thing itself is actually not as difficult as many people think, but it is absolutely not an easy task. It is more like a long-term goal to accomplish, and it depends on your patience, time, and method. But don’t worry too much about it, all these tips help you lose weight effectively. Just keep this in mind, and you will be good.